Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2013

she is beautiful! AND sweet!!
annie is being a hag, Elizabeth is being half a hag.
I gave them all some grain, gave annie and Elizabeth shit and locked them in together.
I am not letting them out til they get their new threesome act together.

Gideon got his second supper, the dogs got their run. boomer was absolutely joyful to behold. at one point he dashed up the hill to me, gave a quick play bow and then buggered off with my shoe. I had to looking for it in the bush, he sucks at bringing things back.

but thank god he didn't take it into the pond.


janet nicholson

How is Carl taking to his new sheep? Looking forward to seeing photos of the new ones. Great news about Gideon, also!


It all sounds so happy there right now!
Love hearing the happy, quirky animal personalities. :)
Stay happy everyone!


I loved Boomer the first time I saw him. So glad to hear he's doing well and I can't wait to see him on Sunday!!


she is a brown face baby...very pretty!

nikki lost her home because a few years ago she snapped at a child. there is now a new grandbaby in the home frequently (almost daily) and her family did not feel they could trust her around the baby esp with her deafness cuz she apparently startles easily.

Brenda Mc

Wow, so many incoming all of a sudden, and just when I'm going to be away.I'm trying to keep the names all straight too, but I'd like to know more about Nikki (the cocker) please Carol; or am I "pulling a Lynne" and you've already given her story? You know I'm a sucker for cockers.
I've had Mac at work with me all week, and I decided to give him a bath in dog shampoo scented like sugar cookies today, and you should have seen him trying to lick up the suds. He smells good enough to eat. Maybe that's why he's been licking himself so much today. He thinks so too!!