Rescue Journal

the new crippled goat is here

Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2013

she can stand but she mostly stays on her knees. I was a little bit concerned when I first saw her because her udder is big. the AC staff said she wasn't like that during her previous 3 weeks of holding period. so why today is her udder full? she damn well better not be pregnant! the vets are coming out to xray her tomorrow and see if she is hiding any babies inside..please don't let her have any babies in there or I might have to shoot myself.
I was a little bit worried about giving her the oral pain meds she has been getting if she is in fact pregnant..not sure if that is good for her. but I don't want her to be in pain either. the vets said we could give her a metcam injection and we had some left over from pete so she got one this afternoon to help her feel more comfortable.

apparently despite her painful legs, she can still get over high fences. she is shut in the main barn for now. after the vet does the xrays tomorrow, we will move her into the new empty small barn. brent if you have time tomorrow can you help me staple up a snow fence screen so she doesn't jump over the fence into Crosby and jingles house? that would totally freak them out!

her name is summer, she looks like a thin but giant version of chewie (same size as pete was) and she is trembling and afraid. she peed in my van 3 times on the way home and her urine is copious and very dilute.
I hope she feels safe here soon and doesn't try to get over our fences once we let her loose. I really do not want to be chasing a runaway goat around the neighborhood!
good and cooperative goats stay safely INSIDE the perimeter fence!!!

welcome summer, sweet girl. we will be very kind to you but do try not to be an escaping pain in the ass.


Carol Ann

My two goats get big udders once in a while. The vet couldn't figure out why, there is no male around. Finally I caught them, drinking their own milk. They have lots of fresh clean water all the time. weird .


thx for the info mark! if her feet were that bad then maybe that is why she is on her knees. and re: her udder maybe she's not pregnant then, that would be a relief!


Oops, forgot to mention her hooves were severally neglected and appeared not to have been trimmed in years. The vet could only trim them so much. This maybe why she goes down on her knees so much.


Glad to see Summer is there safe and sound. We fostered her for 3 weeks from AC and had her vet checked. She's arthritic and/or possibly laminitis and there was no mention of her being pregnant. Her udder was like that when she arrived here. We tried bute for almost 2 weeks and it did not help and were advised to stop. The shaking is just her being scared, she will settle down in a day or so. I'm with you and hopefully she is not hiding any babies. She was hesitant with grain (goatex) at first, but soon realized how good it was. She is a wonderful goat. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.


not sure what the issue is Suzanne...maybe arthritis? laminitis? goats are susceptible to this I believe. the vets will check her out tomorrow and hopefully we will know more then.

Bunny Horne

Welcome Summer, Baby and all the new Saints. I cannot wait to meet you all. I think I am the only volunteer that didn't get to meet Preacher and based on the blog entries I must meet this kitty next time I am out.


what is the cause of her leg problems or doesn't anyone know yet? Preacher is adorable!