Rescue Journal

heads up.

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2013

just a reminder for whoever is here when the well craps out...A. the instructions for switching over to the house tank are on the fridge.. B. don't let the pump keep running if there is no water...switch off the pump breaker (the breaker marked "pump" on the electrical panel in the closet in the computer room)until the switch is made.

please don't waste water from this point on....discard dirty drinking waters into the flower pots/gardens, and don't walk away and leave bowls and buckets filling unattended with water running. watch it and turn the water off before containers overfill.

be careful with laundry...check and reuse whatever just needs a good shake...please don't arbitrarily strip out entire areas. dry but dusty sheets from the dog matts can be recycled and folded down to pee pads for the floors. just be careful and thoughtful of our water use and restrictions right now and try not to waste what we have.