Rescue Journal

a nice sunday evening.

Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2013

by the time I got home, chris had the barn all put to bed and the dogs out for a run. I always feel bad when I don't get home to help. sucks to work weekends. Gideon got his second supper already so at least I don't need to feel guilty about that!

when ali was feeding gideon lunch yesterday, baby walked in and right underneath him and started eating his lunch with him. luckily Gideon has always been willing to share his food with the sheep so he didn't mind in the least. but my question did baby know that?

the answer is..she didn't. she is a very sweet but not very bright girl!

apparently summer is a huge fan of peanut butter covered granola bars (KO and ali gave her one.) and are I not lucky to have a whole box of them in my very own food cupboard! I will make her want to live with us...we just have to find the right stay at home treats and the mmm mmm good goat treat list is growing!

buddy likes preacher way too much. I am sad to say he likes him so much because preacher unintentionally drops fresh cat poop intermittently. buddy REALLY wants to hang out at preachers butt. I told him, his penchant for pooh is not all that attractive but he doesn't care.

I am wondering if nikki could as a compromise, be happy in the big dog room. she should get along with those guys all ok cuz no one is black or blind and as long as the gate is kept closed, she won't be able to terrorize angel. plus she would pretty much then have free access to outside and because she is fully continent, that would be good. I will get erin and renee to trial her tomorrow.

chance STILL hates it over in the mp room. I told him tonight to be patient, I am freaking trying to work out a solution, just give me a day or two!

well....everyone seems pretty well settled, some of the dogs are lounging in or on a bed, some of them are QUIETLY lounging out in the yard. I am wanting to have a bath but I will have to bring them all in if I do cuz if I don't... sure as shit... the second I get in, someone will show up in the driveway or the school yard and all hell with break loose.

it has been a pretty good weekend...big thx to all of the weekend warriors for making it so!



Ok this is probably not a very nice thing to joke about.. but Preacher is Buddy's very own Pez dispenser



I think a visitor brought apples today and put them in the shop (small quantity)

shelagh f

forgot to say, I will bring apples up on Wednesday.
Sorry I forgot the other day and am working Monday
1100-2100 and Tuesday 0630-1600. No time to come
out either day. I will not forget again. What I did
get from the store probably won't last till then.

shelagh f

summer did take the apple from my hand and did
settle and lie down and let me get close to give
her the apples.


I don't think nikki will be good with Britney shawn,
and lynne..nikki does have an ear infection (erin started treating her on Friday) so they most likely do hurt.
the little guys can still go out thru the big dog room, nikki is ok with most of them and we just have to open and close the gate as they go..., just not angel but she never goes out anyway.


Chance seemed ok on Saturday with me...but I was giving lots of belly rubs and attention....What about Nikki to the MP room?? Lots of room....Just a thought


but what about the dogs in your bedroom, they wont get to go outside if the gate is kept shut. just a thought. does nikki have bad ears. i gave her a pet today and she was happy. then i gave her a head rub and she snapped at me. i think i may have rubbed her ears and it hurt her.