Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2013

maddy went out into foster care with saints foster jingles and foster mom Cheryl and their crew. I saw jingles for the first time in a long time yesterday and at 17 yrs old, she is looking wonderful! I think maddy will do really well there and Cheryl will get her booked into our vets for her dental when she settles so all is good.
Cheryl has done some really beautiful paintings for us...twoosie, joy, and dixi so far. and yesterday she brought a new one of odie cuddled into bed when he was hurt. I am loath to let any of them go, but Cheryl paints them for us so we can sell them at our silent auction functions. Sheila tells me original art never brings in close to what it is worth ( but maybe that won't be true if the original art is one of our much loved crew?) so with cheryl's permission, I am thinking of making print of each to sell and keeping the originals here as part of our archives/history. but maybe we should sell the originals if folks might bid high on them and just keep the prints here for our history.
what to do what to do????what do you guys think for the gala this year..originals or print???

I bought summer $12.00 worth of treat things at London drugs yesterday...I got her goldfish grahams...BIG HIT!..(there are some more in the Tupperware container in the feed room for her) and some cheesie goldfish and some red nubs licorice....2 bags of each! my dastardly plan is to get that goat addicted to treats and therefore not wanting to ever leave here because she might miss those treats so she won't try to escape and go over our fence.

the possibility of her getting out of here is totally freaking me out!

I am really hoping the way to a runaway goat's heart is thru her stomach(s)! home is where all the really good food is???

annie and Elizabeth and baby are all doing quite well. they all do not like not being together now so the flocking of the threesome is successful!

chance hates it over in the mp room and currently I have nikki, the angel meanie stuck in his happy laundry room.. nikki doesn't like it where she is much either, she wants back in my room. gawd dam dogs and their housing preferences! I tried nikki back in with me briefly last night, til she cornered angel inside the big water bowl..why does she hate the little, totally harmless, blind black dog???? drives me insane.
anyway I popped her back up into the laundry area but she still doesn't like it there..i said look miss grumpy... there's no black blind dogs in here!! she doesn't care.

I totally fucked up last night and fell asleep before giving Gideon his second supper. I suck at rescue some days. by the time I woke up at midnight, I couldn't risk riling up the dogs again. so sorry Gideon...I promise I won't ever lay with the bed buddies again until you have been fed for a second time.
he did have three bowls at his first dinner time tho...hay cubes, apple/pellet/bran mash, and his sweet feed dessert plus his pile of hay so he wouldn't have starved if he ate it all. still I feel bad because I broke my promise to feed him extra each night.

oh well..all I can do now is try to do better tonight.


janet nicholson

How does Gideon feel about his new sheep? Glad the girls have accepted her - but Gideon is the guardian - I assume he is not being a jerk!


i say make prints to sell, people will not give what they are worth for the originals.maybe im wrong i dont know.


Just a quick update on Maddy - she is currently basking in the sunshine on the carpet with Jenny & Suzi(Jingles) & Charlie - what a pile of little dogs! She seems to be settling in nicely but is very excited when I go near the door to the garage so I think she is still wanting to go home - Home is here now Maddy!She is very good about going out & I may be able to take off the long leash by next weekend. She still hasn't eaten anything but bedtime cookies - but I managed a massage last night & from the feel of her ribs - missing a meal or two won't hurt in the least! She is very polite & waits her turn for the treats so things are looking good for a no trouble integration.


I will not be able to make it in today. Sorry Lynn. I did not know where to call.