Rescue Journal

the sun will come out tomorrow...but i would rather it rained again!

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2013

so unsettled around here tonight. capone and riley arrived around supper time. tried them in the house,,,gut said nope not right. set them up in the back of the mp room but will have to move them tomorrow....they are not good with cats (or cows, and probably not goats, chickens or sheep either.) they did ok on a field run with a few of the dogs so they can join them for exercise time. these dogs are only around 7, but they haven't been well cared for and they are a giant breed (neo mastiff) so that is getting up there for them.
i don't want them out in the shop...too isolated and i don't like dogs over there anyway.
puff is a snarling jackass issue in the office so i will put the 2 new big guys in there because they are good with people and stick puff back over in his dragon corner. that should work out for everyone ok.

there is also a new 9 yr old cat in. he just arrived a few minutes ago. his name is fritz and he is a referral from an old friend of mine, he belonged to her sister. fritz has been a chronic sprayer for many years. he has been an in/out cat and apparently he lately has been pissing the neighbors off by spraying over on their decks and porches.

he is not a happy camper,,,in fact it is safe to say that he too now is pretty pissed off. but he can't possibly be as violently upset as babette was so i guess we can wait him out until he decides to calm down.

on the whole it has been a fairly frustrating day. i thought after a bunch of running around, i had my computer problems fixed but i don't.
it was one of those days where i seemed to spend hours, just trying to figure out how to fix this, who to put where and trying multiple things in trying to get to where i wanted to be.

bottom not fixed, dogs not in the right place yet, and new cat is really pissed off.

not one of my better days, but everyone is safe and i can figure everything else out tomorrow..


wendy scott

Great News Carol! My fellow students at West Coast College will be happy to hear this news about Riley and Capone. Also happy to hear Ewok is doing great and is happy. Thank you again for all you do. It can not be stated enough. Saints is a wonderful place with great dedicated volunteers and staff. Thank you all.

wendy scott

Hi Carol,

I can't believe it. Are these the two dogs that were at Abbotsford SPCA? I was there for three weeks doing my volunteer work and am happy to hear they have been given a chance through Saints. They are super nice dogs- and are very attached to one another. Riley has lost a lot of weight from when I first saw him. They are very lovable but do have a lot of issues with their hips. I hope Riley starts to improve. This news has made my day as I was worried that they would not get a second chance. My hat goes off to you. Keep us posted as to their condition. How is Ewok doing? How is her health? I miss her.


riley had a GI bleed the other day,,he also has lost quite a bit of weight since they came into care in may, not all that sure, there isn't something hiding in him. we'll get him a full medical work up and see if there is anything. super nice dogs.


If these are the 2 guys I think they are, they were not adopted because the younger guy is overly attached to the older guy so they were a 2 package deal which means most likely no one was going to adopt them (although the older guy could have adapted okay in a home by himself). They are both good boys but the younger guy has barrier frustration which means he barks at any one standing infront of his kennel which means he doesn't make a good impression on anyone passing by his kennel. So sad that people view dogs through human eyes and can't see it from the dog's perspective. Hopefully they can find an adoptive home through SAINTS.


fritz was neutered.that doesn't always stop spraying. cats spray for lots of reasons.


So glad to see you took these guys in. I am surprised nobody adopted them earlier, but as you said they where not cared for properly. Looking forward towering them.