Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2013

sounds like riley and capone are pretty famous dogs, lots of folks seem to know them!
we will get all of the switch arounds accomplished today so we can get them comfortably settled.

vet appointments for daphne and mini me..daph is for a routine bladder ultrasound and mini is getting her huge cataract checked.

fritz is still pretty pissed off, hope he doesn't stay mad for too long cuz he is in a small cage and it will make it difficult to take care of him.

gideon ate both of his dinners well last night so that is good.

i think it is going to be a fairly busy day so i guess i better get at 'er.



cross border medication exports/imports is a tricky business, not something any of our vets are going to want to be involved in.
contact, the canadian distributor and ask them about how to get some sent down to the states.


I knew it would be safe because you give it to your babies and I knew you wouldn't if it weren't. We are looking for a way to get some of it down here and I suspect the manufacturer can't help us because it is not sold here. That was why I asked if my vet can buy it from either your vet or any other outlets you might have where you are. My vet is willing to do whatever we have to do to get some for my little Max.


i would get your vet to speak directly to the pharmacutical company that manufactures cartrophen. our canadian vets have been using it at least for the past 5 years on chronic bladder cystitis cats. cats with crystals generally have similar inflammatory bladders as the cystitis cats. it is my understanding that cartrophen is a very safe drug...for both cats and dogs.


hi Carol,
I zipped right down to the vet yesterday after your note on the Cartrophen. It is not sold in the US but we are hopeing we can get around that. It is marketed here as a med for arthritis in dogs and is not recommended for cats. Since I have absolute faith that you would not be giving your bladder cats anything that is bad for them I am inclined to ignore that. However I do know that with a lot of your beloved, wrecked friends it could be a better-than-death situation. Unlike most of your saints, Max is a young cat... only 5. My vet is willing to do whatever she needs to do to get this for him. Because of this on-going issue, it would be really hard to re-home him in order to get him away from my daughters meannie-head cat who causes Max great stress which apparently aggravates this. so, despite his relative youth, for him it's better-than-death as well.
His vet wanted me to ask you if she can contact your vet to see if she can buy this from your vet and have it shipped down here. If you think that would be possible could you please give me a number she can call?
I really appreciate your help with this. Max does as well.
Thank you,


I saw Riley and Capone's pictures on the spca site.They are cute dogs :)