Sheila  ·  Jul. 18, 2013

93.7 JRFM an 102.7 The Peak are once again sponsoring our Wishes 4 Whiskers Charity Dinner & Auction. They are going to be running ads starting early September so everyone keep their ears open come September. Advertising costs thousands of dollars just for one week... and we are lucky enough to get this donated to us year after year.

I also want to thank Annette Durante and Kyle McCreedy for coming to our event 4 years in a row. Annette has co-hosted the event 3 of those 4 years. Annette works for JRFM and is directly responsible for getting us such a great sponsorship from JRFM. Kyle was the person who named Brad Pitt "Brad Pitt". Kyle and Annette have a cork board that they have been pinning souvenirs from past W4W events. (See picture below). You can see they are great supports of our ribbon auction. And lucky me, through SAINTS, I got to meet two wonderful animal lovers that I am proud to call friends.

Please click on the following link to get more information on our upcoming fundraiser

Wishes 4 Whiskers Charity Dinner & Auction



and bunny i dont know about the whole brad pit thing. his namesake is pretty damn good looking.


shawn did you not read my blog. i have one table already full and 1 person so far at another table. we need 7 more people to make up the 2 tables. unless you dont want to sit with us lol


it is so great that annette and kyle are so good to us and yay JRFM!!!!!


Wow that is so cool..JRFM is my radio station..3 cheers and a bunch of hip hip hurrahs for Kyle and Annette..great people supporting a great cause !!!

Bunny Horne

DITTO - JENN - SUPER YAY JRFM and thank you, Kyle, for naming Brad Pitt. The name suits him to a T and he is most definitely more attractive than his name sake.