Rescue Journal

heads up for tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2013

it was a nice evening run, riley laid against me on the hill again. i think he is a really wise dog. it seemed like he wanted to go down to the pond but only took a couple of steps and then laid down again. i said, you could probably make it ok if you just go slow and take your time.
and thats just what he did.

at one point he was getting bothered by boomer, mystic and june's roughhousing quite a ways away. mystic has been shaved and she squeals when june forgets she no longer has any fur to haul her around with. finally riley couldn't stand it anymore and he (almost) leapt to his feet and charged (in a fairly quick but old lumbering way) to put an end to their foolishness. i said "RILEY! leave them be and come back here and lay with me," and he did immediately.

smart dog. i think he has some bloodhound in him, his face is not a traditional mastiff face. whatever he is, he is a pretty cool dog. but i do think he is sick. there is a weariness about him that i don't think is just from old age.

capone is the same age and heavier, but he seems younger and healthier in some way. capone is a super nice dog...sort of the "live and let live" type as long as you are not a goat. a horse, a chicken, a duck, a turkey, a sheep, a llama, a donkey, a cow, a pig or a cat.
ie he is good with dogs and people...all other animals better watch their backs.
still..he really is a very nice big dog, happy just to do his own thing unless he comes across some non K9 or human species...then he is a bit of a 150 pound mule headed prick.
and he slobbers alot..he generally has at least 2 feet of drool hanging down from each side of his face.

anyway..i REALLY like both of these old big boys and more importantly...they like it here.

i let fritz out of his cage. i thought some freedom might soften his mood. he is currently pissed off and hanging outside in the cat run so i shifted some food and water out there to him...just in case he gets stubborn and won't come back in.

this weekend folks should leave him alone, cats do not like company when they are pissed off.

as far as the big boys go...please keep all the dogs in the house until mo comes to get them. she will take capone, riley and the dogs they are ok with out for a quick loop around the pond and then she will put them back and the rest of the dogs can come out.

if anyone needs to check with me about anything, i will have my cell so just give me a call.



lol..spoon feeding that monsterous body is going to eat up a large portion of your day! :)