Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 20, 2013

so i am running late for work this morning and there are again a lot of dogs on my list to feed/med before i go. i get to the mp room, toss down the canned food bowls..capone dives in and riley waits for the spoon. arghhh! he only got part of his breakfast (with the meds in it!) i left the rest for shawn to spoon feed. tonight i switched him to high energy gastro vs low energy and he did eat that on his own. yay. i thought both of the big guys were perkier tonight so maybe riley is feeling better? hope floats that he is.

frisk is still pissed but now he is both pissed and stoned. someone knocked the big basket of cat nip down and frisk and a few others were in the hallway practically comatose. he was still growling so the cat nip did not improve his mood altho maybe getting high with the other cats fostered a few new friendships? or not.

helga and crew did a great job at the garage sale, almost $1600 worth! thank you guys so much for all of your hard work and special thx to helga for taking this massive job on every year!!!!

mo phoned me at work and said gideon's eye looked totally worse this morning despite a week on his eye cream. i called the vets and asked him to come out and apparently now instead of just uvitis, he now has two ulcers on his cornea. this is serious, he needs eye ointment as often as we possibly can, and at least 6 times a day. with me working til 5 and the volunteers gone by one..this is really difficult. i did his bedtime dose and i will try to get a couple more doses in before dark. we cannot risk his losing that eye, he is too old and frail and that would be the end of him...far too brutal of a surgery for such an ancient old man.



And lots of thanks to all the folks who donated the items that made all this possible.


Couldn't have pulled it off without the assistance of Erin, Ann, Michelle, Penny and my trusty sidekick Brenda. And Lynne who helped pack things up. Those guys rock.


Poor Gideon. My old Jack Russell had an ulcer in her eye and it was very painful. Hopefully his isn't as painful....that sucks :-(


thx ali! and chris said she would come early for bedtime so if you do him 130ish and she does him 330ish and if i get home at 5ish..that would be good!


i would rather cut off my right arm than fire you dionne. if he will eat from a bowl then he will eat from a bowl...and.... if he needs to eat from a spoon then he eats from a spoon. at the end of the day, as long as he eats, all is good.
(plus mon-fri, it ain't my problem cuz you get to feed him, however, whatever it takes!)


I can stay a little later tomorrow and do his drops so there's not a huge stretch of time between us leaving and you coming home.