Animal Sponsorship W4W Gala

Sheila  ·  Jul. 22, 2013

Animal Sponsorships -And because we know that all the volunteers and fans want to see every single “saints” face at the event we will again be asking for a $25 sponsorship so we can have a picture of that favorite saint at the event. The picture will be framed and have the sponsors name placed on the back of the card and best of all makes a lovely keepsake of the night.

All the animals have been sponsored!

If anyone is confused by which animals they are sponsored - please email me at

Updated June 24 9:10 PM pm



how about the new cocker nikki colin, i know she doesn't have a monthly sponsir yet.


Hi Carol,

I do the $25 per month but I don't have an animal attached to it, would you like to assign someone to me? I know all the money goes directly to Saints so I am happy with whoever you chose.



I will sponsor Daniel(rabbit) since I found him and brought him to Saints it's only right that I bring him to the Gala.
Could you please put my boys name on the sponsorship card instead of mine (Daniel Little)


Thank you for updating the list. I would like to sponsor Chief, Whiggy, Cindy, and Tigger please.


you keep morgan meghann, i took sunny instead. and you're is not who sponsors whom, it is getting them all sponsored for the big night that counts.


Sorry, Carol! I didn't mean to take Morgan from you. :) I clearly wasn't reading closely enough. I can sponsor someone else, no problem.


Add the other Nicki for me...I thought someone had taken her already. I love her....I will leave my cheque for $100 for the 4 dogs in the "special" spot....once I find it lol


Has Billy the rabbit been sponsored now? I don't see him on the new "waiting for sponsor" list, and he was missing from the original list. Wouldn't want that sweet rabbit to miss out on the gala!!


hi lori...that probably went to ann if it was one of the regular monthly sponsorships...she generally sends out a thank younote sponsors when she is mailing out the tax receipts to save on postal costs i think. one time only donors get their receipts as soon as they donate, ongoing monthly donors get theirs at the end of the year.


then i'd like to sponsor Gary and Nugget for the Gala. <3
paypal okay?


there are two different kinds of sponsorships bridget..there is the ongoing $25/month...and right now there are one time only$25 sponsorships for bringing our guys in spirit to the gala.


if it's just 25$ per animal, for the once, i'd like to sponsor Gary and Nugget. :-) can i pay through paypal?


this is going to be a silly question, but i have to ask.
i don't really know what's involved with sponsoring.
what does a sponsor do?


Carol, sorry to be a pest, I sent a note in about 3 weeks ago about sponsoring Preacher and I have never heard a thing back... who do I contact? Thanks


erin...yes the little ;pissers are, thats why i said i'd sponsor them. i guess i should sponsor conan also since he is on the list too. thank god my dogs aren't on there or i would be bankrupt.


Hi Sheila, I will sponsor Chance as well as my other two I emailed you about (Nikki and Boomer). Thanks!


I went to bed at 9:30 last night and am just reading this now. I forgot that Suzanne had sponsored CC and
Ziggy and Brent and Bunny have also sponsored Ziggy. I will email everyone who had double sponsored an animal when I get home. I am leaving the house in 5 minutes.
Everyone else I will update also when I get home.

Thanks for your patience

Bunny Horne

Glad to see that the COWS got sponsored - if they didn't I was going to get them.

Sheila / Carol - any chance of you emailing me my animals please - Brent and I committed to sponsorship weeks back and I want to make sure we have the same SAINTS on the list.

I will then bring out our money this coming Sunday. Thank you so much.


haha, sheila, can you just give me 2 dogs or a dog and a cat,or 2 cats, whoever hasnt got a sponsor yet...this is too confusing. it doesnt really matter to me, they all need to come!


i already have morgan meghann but i will give you her and take sunny since he is on the list instead. sunny and tang are mine anyway.


hi carla,
in an effort to make sure we bring each of our animals with us to the gala fundraiser in sept. we pledge $25 for each animal we sponsor to bring in spirit with us. the goal is to get each animal sponsored so their picture can be present at one of the tables. so far, each year collectively, we have managed to bring them all.


Helga beat me to Princess Leia!! Daniel Rabbit and Billy Rabbit aren't on the list (at least, I didn't see them ..) I'll sponsor Anthony Hopkins and Tu (rabbits).


Since I am new would someone direct me where to find out what this is all about?

Ian and Mary

Can't resist posting this....a sweet dog nursing a kitten...


I thought I had already asked for ziggy and ceecee. if I failed to do so may I please sponsor both of them? thanks


I'd like to sponsor Mac the cat and Summer the goat.

Elisabeth Ellis


i would like to sponsor chloe, babette, morgan and tang.
the three remaining classy chicks and bob the bunny.

cathie k

Shiela; I would like to sponser Carl Elliot and his harem(Anne,Elizabeth and Baby) Also want have a table.. Would you E-Mail me the particular's please(totals)...Thank You....Cathie K


ok i will do two other dogs if helga wants riley and capone maybe bambi and jake is that ok


really don't know the animals - I looked at the pictures from the album residents of saints on facebook. I have no idea what I meant instead of Ben or what I meant instead of Hilda. I transcribed from a piece paper I wrote on as I was flicking through the facebook pictures to a spread sheet so won't be able to figure out the mistake so I am just going to have to delete those names and maybe someone will figure out who is missing. I counted four rabbits in the picture and there were what I thought were 4 names so I figured Princess and Lei were two separate names. I am not missing any other rabbit name? I must have meant Odie for the dog.


not to be picky but...
there is no ben cat.(?benny dog?but he is mine,)
conan the cat is also one of my hine guys but someone can sponsor him if they want to.
no` hilda cat (hilda dog?)
nor hubby cat (?hubby dog? rest in peace sweetheart!)
tiger cat is really tigger cat..jenn just keeps calling him tiger in her photos)

helga chicken has passed away
odin dog has been adopted but odie dog is still here
sage is a cat not a goat
princess and leia are the same rabbit.."princess leia"
and nugget is a rooster (and an asshole) but not a chicken,

oh and don't forget new
fritz cat


hey its lynne i will also sponsor besides tess and shane, crash, andy buddy capone riley and jerry