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boomer's dreams of power went bust

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2013

i took the dogs out for their bedtime run. i just about left the little shit (boomer) behind because apparently this morning the little shit launched himself full teeth ahead on the new big guys.

so many different issues playing out in dog world right now.

capone and riley are an issue with some dogs and not others, quite simply because they don't recognize some dogs as being dogs and therefore not prey. they look at mystic, june, boomer and jake and they see a dog. they look at tina, daphne, mini me and see some kind of weird deformed rat. if they don't know what they are, they must be fair game.

and then there are the moron dogs, like odie who picks fights, crash and buddy who run around barking non stop...sure as shit guaranteed to over stimulate sketchy, prey driven/reactive dogs...not a good mix for the two powerhouse giants.

and then there is the suddenly little shit disturber. boomer's insanity today is from one simple thing only. he spent his whole life running as a village pack dog and he knows how packs work. capone and riley, regardless of having a combined 200 pounds on him, came here after him. they are just big, giant newbies, not an established pack member like him. he is above them and he wants them to know it...even if it might be self induced suicide.

anyway..boomer can think what he wants but the reality is, i set the pack rules. there is me and there is them and there is no one in the middle.
so i grabbed the nightly usuals, told boomer that if he even thought about launching himself on anyone's face, he would be sorry.
he took me at my word and we had a very nice, pleasant and peaceful half hour lounging around on the hill.


janet nicholson

It looks like Boomer may be smarter than the average dog! Carol is the boss - live with it and you have a wonderful life - OR - God help you, Boomer!