Rescue Journal

gumby was a green, friendly moron.

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2013

i am not gumby, i stretch in a different direction.

i take animal rescue seriously. i don't expect it to be sweet and pleasant, if i wanted that i could head down to the DQ for ice cream. i expect it to be tough, frustrating, mind bending, ulcer producing, heart breaking, full of bad days and self doubt. i expect that being responsible for the well being of so many different lives, is going to take up a lot of my thoughts, energy and time and not be all that fun.

this is a job for me..i may not get paid in money but i get paid in the trust that is placed in me. and that trust demands that i produce. 24 hours a day/365 days a year, i am obligated by accepting this task, to do it the best that i can do.

i have my job, my family and saints..there isn't much left in me to participate in other things. i have very few friends because i do not have time to invest in them and friendships tend to fracture when the animals get in the way...and the animals always get in the way.

if folks are to understand rescue, they need to understand one thing..the rescuer better not be focusing on frivolous things or things beyond her rescue responsibilty realm. the rescuer is here to do a very specific job.

a rescuers job is to look after the animals in her care.

a rescuers job is to look after the animals in her care.

a rescuers job is to look after the animals in her care.

i have 100+ animals that every single day, i am to make sure received safe, competent, compassionate care. i am to ensure that gideon gets the care needed in supporting his aging body, in treating his painful eye. i am to make sure that the new animals are settling in ok. i am to figure out the many different personalities, medical and safety needs of all of the animals here and make sure we meet them.
i am to make sure that we can meet our financial obligations..paying for feed, hay, shavings, cat litter and food, hydro, gas, water, payroll, insurences, vet bills. i am to make the decisions surrounding quality of life, medical treatments and how and when to continue or end a life.
and at the end of the day, i am to provide each animal here, with a home and a life in which they find contentment and value.

these are all of the reasons why i take rescue seriously. i am not dicking around, i am focused, i am serious, i am not having fun.

there is a reality to rescue that most folks just don't get..rescuers are not saints, angels or super heroes.
we are simply average human beings who for homeless, helpless and unwanted animals, we do the best we can to use our heads, hearts and our hands and stretch.


Carol have survived and you have gotten much more savy over the years..i remember a few times in the very beginning wanting to kill you over not latching gates and starting pizza and chicken treat fights.
an innocent, good hearted postie comes to saints, good lord...back then, you just about gave me a brain anurysm a few times.

oh and by the way..just because i don't say it, doesn't mean that i do not recognize what a huge asset you are now to saints.


my god hats off to you carol. i dont know how you do it but i am glad you do. these animals would all end up where? i know you are not a saint and i have been on the what are you doing you idiot side of carol but i have known her for some 7 years so take nothing personally. she only has the animals best interests at heart and i fully realize that. if i took everything to heart i would have dropped out years ago, but sorry you are not getting rid of me for a long