Rescue Journal

quick update before i run the dogs.

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2013

the vet was out yesterday to see gideon, the ulcer is a little bit better so we have moved on to step 2 of his medical plan. the vet pulled some blood and took it back to the office to spin down. today i picked up the spun blood serum and we are to instill it in the eye, 6 times a day in conjunction with his 6x a day eye ointment.

it is a lot of extra time and work for lexi but she is doing a great job of keeping on top of it all. we all hope this works for him.

riley and capone had their vet check. let me just say two irrelevant things about this..the first is we could have easily been killed by the deadly giant farts in the van. and secondly, renee was just about squished by capone who is utterly stupid and kept climbing into the front seat with her.
capone weighed in at 158 pounds, riley who admittedly is too thin, weighed in at 132. capone had some routine bloodwork drawn, riley had bloodwork, and xrays of the sore and swollen front leg. thankfully no sign of cancer, looks like a combo of arthritis and a possible infection, he came home with a bunch of new meds. and we have started both of them on cartrophen.

we let summer loose today..i was so worried that she would go straight over the fence. she stayed here which is good. there was some major horn butting between summer, chewie and doc but after a while i think they all had headaches cuz they stopped banging each others heads so hard.

other than that, i think everyone is doing ok. sucked to only have one day off..i too have a headache but no one was banging hard on my brain. i will get the dogs out for their run, and maybe call it quits for today.



Oh. My. Dog. The mental image of two giant dogs in a van, squishing people while gassing them is just too funny!!

Brenda McCormick

Hi Sheila, it's Brenda (I'm in Ontario). Do the adopted dogs get sponsored for the Gala as well? If so, I will obviously sponsor Mac too (was Benji/Max). If not, I'll give the $25.00 for him anyway. - and thanks Lynne for remembering me for one of the volunteer tables. I will bring the money late August, when I return to SAINTS. I miss everyone.


sadly no p;ics on the mastiffs for a bit cheri...jenn's camera broke when she was up here taking photo's last weekend. she has sent it off to get fixed.


Speaking as a woman living with a baby horse and a baby elephant sized dogs...the bigger they are the bigger the smell.... And in closed quarters....I don't envy you that ride at all!

Glad Gideon's eye is better not worse, and that Summer stayed within the fences!

Sure would love to see pictures of the two gentle giants?!



Great news-so far-about the mastiffs. Lucky boys! I think they provide a beautiful energy to saints. So happy you brought them home.


Yeah Lexi!!! We all thank you for going the extra!!! Keep improving Gideon!


Sounds like it was an eventful ride between farts (had me chuckling) & squished Renee


Just read an article about the blood serum drops- how crazy is that?? Hope they work wonders.
Haha on the giant deadly farts :)