Rescue Journal

marching on

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2013

last nights pond run was nice. benny came with us so he is now on the big guys safe list. benny, june, riley, capone and i all sat on the hill and watched the birds dance over the pond. mystic, boomer and jake were all off doing more active things until it was time to come home.

once we were back, i kinda did a quick tidy on my bathroom, did the pm meds, downed some tylenol and then just went off to bed. headache is so far gone this morning so i am happy with that. not sure it will stay gone tho...i know it is tension cuz i can still feel it in my neck. lots of stuff going on around me right now and i tend to suck up every particle of it straight into my stiff neck.

just need to get gideon back on the road to wellness, summer feeling like this is her home, the big boys into a good routine of safety, find some more money for some of the vet bills, try to quit pissing folks off, dump some of the stress at work, and maybe have a couple of days of downpouring rain to refill the well and green up the field grass.....then maybe my neck muscles can relax for awhile.

or...most likely not.

i seem to live a somewhat stressful life....with a few peaceful moments of watching birds dancing over the water with some good ole big dogs in the early evening light.



put some pics on our facebook page, not jenny hine quality, just from my shitty lil cell phone on the morning run :)