Animal Sponsorship Wishes 4 Whiskers Completed!

Sheila  ·  Jul. 24, 2013

I wanted to thank everyone for taking just 2 days to raise $2700 for our event. Every single animal was sponsored in just two days!!!

Thank you to the sponsors
Alison Schumann
Brenda McCormick
Bridget Morrey
Brett Lovell
Bunny Perno Horne
Carol Ann Lorraine
Carla Morris
Carol Hine
Cathie Koulouris
Curt Odenbach
Daniel Little
Debra Teborg
Dionne D'Ascenzo
Doreen Humphries
Elisabeth Ellis
Erin Pemberton
Helga Pirang
Jamie Bryk
Kathy Ostrick
Lawerence Morris
Leila Kullar
Lynn Arnason
Maggie Calloway
Michelle Norman
Mo Stead
Meghann Cant
Nicole Neff
Penney Veresh
Renee & Dale (sorry I don't know the last names)
Shawn Dodd
Suzanne Hawkins
Tammy Robson
Wendy Scott

Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out or spell someone's name wrong. And hopefully I picked the right last name for those of you are married and sometimes use your maiden names and sometimes married names.



wanda is a cat. i will post more about her when she gets in and i see who we get.

shelagh f

ok, and Wanda is? goat, budgie, cat?
will wait and see, but yes I will sponsor her no
matter what she is

shelagh f

my head was spinning trying to figure out who needed
sponsoring and who didn't. You snooze, you loose.
I get dibs on anyone new, if there is anyone.


great sheila and all sponsors. we will have to keep our eyes open for anymore additions to saints and their sponsorship. hopefully it will remain the same for awhile. carol blonde buddy?


Nice to see the dedication & support that the staff & volunteers have for the animals

Bunny Horne

Carol, have you ever seen an RMT - it would sure help to relieve the STRESS you carry in your upper body which could contribute to your headaches. Just sayin'.