Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2013

a note to all house folks....please keep all windows and doors shut for two it wastes electricity with the air conditioning and two we were invaded by hoards of flies last weekend that the staff are still struggling to clear out of here. renee killed like a hundred yesterday in my bedroom alone. gross.

also...i am having trouble with my shaw email...i can't always access it on the laptop cuz it times out for some reason. i got one email answered this morning before it crapped out. so for the 2 most important ones...

nicole m....yes to wanda.

and nicole n...yes i am here on sunday and yes i can do the house.


i think riley is feeling more comfortable, the swelling is down in his left leg/foot and he is moving better with less of a limp. last night he actually came out for the run at a pretty quick trot. interestingly enough when the spca had him, it was the right leg that was swollen and sore (we sent for the vet records) and abby vet had xrayed and done a needle aspiration on the right leg before. weird that it has switched to the left but it does give us a clue. i am thinking riley has a septic arthritis which i have only seen once before. anyway...if this is so, there is a good chance that there are gram negative bacteria involved so we will be adding another antibiotic today to his meds. this dog is so big that his current meds are ridiculously high...he will be taking 4 tramadol twice a day, 3 baytrils once a day and now 3 flagyls twice a day plus his 2 other stomach meds from his recent GI bleed...for a total of about TWENTY pills every day.
WOW, that is a daily pill record around here!!!

capone only gets 6 (just for his arthritis)...but he is not sick.

fritz is settling, didn't seem so upset last night when i went looking for him.

preacher has decided he likes my computer chair so i am having to leave it covered in a thick towel cuz he leaks urine and drops poop when he is sleeping there.

the vet came back out yesterday to recheck gideons eye after a day on the blood serum flushes...he said it is looking much better so that is great news.

yesterday, tess was off of her food. hopes she eats better today.

my headache came back with a vengence yesterday late afternoon but thats just because there was picky new process stuff that was driving me stupid. it is better this morning and hopefully today if i can just see clients and not get bogged down in are you kidding me land...maybe today it will stay away.

i guess i better get moving into work and see if i can get thru the day without bringing another headache home.

hope floats.



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