Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2013

fritz is sick and has stopped eating. new stressed cat=upper resp. chloe too is sick and stopped eating. chronic upper resp. carrier= sick cat AGAIN.

of course it has to be the two hardest cats to deal with when they are sick. it can't just be a passive, easy to force feed and medicate victim like cindy. i popped fritz back into a cage but erin and renee will have to set up another cage for chloe and chase her down to get her in.

time for clarity volunteers are to go anywhere near their cages on the weekend. i will provide their care. i do not want either accidently let out and if they get out on me, i have no one to blame but myself.
that is a very good thing for everyone else.

conan also is not well. his leg/foot are swollen and sore again. looks like his arthritis is acting up. he wouldn't eat yesterday but the staff gave him some pain meds so he felt better last night and did eat a bit for me.

preacher's rectum is looking better today, he is currently beating the shit out of the couch.

this weekend will be busy...past saint squeaky and her 2 little sisters are coming to stay for the weekend while their mom is out of town. and wanda arrives on sunday and i will need to get set up for her which means i have to move the birds.
oh crap...where will i move the birds?????

this is the problem with insisting they have the very biggest cages to be found. it is not so easy to move those cages around, they take up a lot of floor space.
well i need to think on this and come up with a solution cuz i don't like them where they are now anyway..too isolated and far away from the folks used to caring for them and now on the weekends they get missed for care quite a lot.

the office was perfect for them but now riley and capone have to have the office to themselves.

sigh..i am not awake enough to try to figure this all out now plus i better get ready for work.



they haven't been missed during the week dionne only on the weekends, you give them excellent care.

to clarify... i will say that three times since they were moved, i found them with dirty water and just the empty seed pods in their bowl. this is why i do rounds at night to pick up anything critical that was missed.
i wrote the 2 reasons why i want to move them, 1. we need the pen for wanda and B, we need to regain consistent weekend care for them,

giving both reasons, this stops folks from making suggestions of moving them to the shop, to the suite, to the rabbit room, to where ever which solves number one problem but doesn't address the second issue.

i am not mad at anyone, i think either they did not know how to care for them or assumed someone else was assigned to do it. but moving them to where i did was not the best solution for them in the end.

i know folks do not want to hear the birds got missed, esp, if they personally do remember to consistently provide their care. but, the fact is they have been missed 3 times in only a couple of weekends, that tells me i need to move them back, closer to where they were.

shelagh f

ok, I will bring apples of some sort out Monday
morning. Then I will meet Wanda at the same time


I went in today to get a table, banner and other items for an event in Vancouver tomorrow.

shelagh f

this is a bit of a pain, but Carol could you see
if you have enough apples for the weekend? The
two places that have juice apples haven't had any
for a week, they are going to get more, and may
have them by Monday. If we are low I will bring
out apples from Costco Saturday morning. I would
email you, but I guess there is a problem with
your email, and I promised KO I would never forget
apples again. (but I would like to get them
cheaper than retail price)

Bunny Horne

I have been the owner of numerous birds. When I moved out west I brought 14 with me (that was a fun adventure to fit 14 birds into one cage for flying). I added more and at my peak had probably 23 birds. Birds MUST always have food - it's essential. I know I am only out on Sundays, but I can always stop in a check on them before I leave to make sure their food & water situation is good.

Bunny Horne

Brent is out on Sunday. One job is to retro fit Brad's pen so he has an additional window for air movement. But betcha he can help you move the birds.


thx penny for doing them on sunday, unfortunately, i have found them without food or clean water a few times since they have been moved into the medical room, i think folks just aren't in the habit of tending to them so they get missed.


Carol, I cleaned both bird cages thoroughly on Sunday, making sure they had plenty of food and fresh water. Even spent time "chatting" with them. One of the problems with being where they are, in such a tight space is pulling out the bottom trays of the cages to clean.