Rescue Journal

ok..where is my gun?!

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2013

i need to shoot myself, then a couple of dumb ass dogs. oh wait..i better shoot the dogs first!

i stopped at the vets on my way back to work after lunch to pick up some meds.
i really should learn to whistle, shuffle my feet and stare at the floor while patiently waiting my turn instead of listening to none of my business conversations.

long and short of it...senior owners of a senior diabetic cat are moving into a seniors complex tomorrow. none of the rescues they called, returned the calls and now the old folks and old cat are desperate. i probably wouldn't have returned the call either but the family couldn't find our phone number so at least i am off that particular hook!

and oh yay..nurse carol who advocates for elderly people and rescuer carol who advocates for senior and sick animals is conveniently standing a foot and a half away in the very same room. i gave them our address and my cell phone number, gave them the website to look thru so they know what we do and said they could bring the cat up tomorrow between 11am and noon.

shit, the pressure is on..i have to rearrange the mp room to make room for the birds so i have two pens free in the medical room for this cat and for wanda and the third pen will be for bed time for squeaky and her sisters. and i need to get it all done by 11 am when the critters start to arrive.

my time plan skills suck.

whatever, it will all get done.

so as to the dumb ass giant dogs, they are really starting to piss me off. they have decided they do not need to listen when they are bugging the cats,..ok well, you are wrong about that,,,move yer ass(s)! and OH, MY. freaking GOD! capone!!! did i actually see you just leap up and try to bite gideon on the nose????!!!!!
i swear to god i am going to KILL you!

good, dog loving mood over, the i hate k9's bitch is back...bad, stupid dogs get home immediately!!!

were they ashamed? were they afraid? did they move towards home?...not really, they lumbered over to stalk and stare down the goats.

bastards, just keep on not listening, i bet i could find somewhere to buy an electric cattle prod to open your ears.

arrgh, they are making me think violent things!

i gotta quit giving them pain pills...i like them better messed up and crippled.



Oh dear.... Mastiff honey moon phase is over it seems.
Poor Gideon, hope he gave Capone a little kick? Discipline from the intended target might help.....


i am sorry carol, this post gave me the chuckles. too cute. actually not the chuckles, a deep hearted laugh. what fun you have with your crew. see you tommorrow.


No worries i (and assorted short people) will be there to help, the shop can clean itself. Diabetic cat huh, ironic that we just talked about oliver today.


shock collars come with remotes and are readily available at petsmart... you can be blogging whilst sipping tea in your comfy chair and zap them. Just keep it where Mystic can't get it... teehee