Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2013

it takes a full 2 hours by myself on the weekend now to put the barn guys to bed, run 2 sets of pigs and one set of dogs, and feed, med, and settle the mp building for the night.

deep sigh...that is twice as long as it took a month ago.

our little quartet of visiting chihauhua's are here. super cute. keep them in the medical room pen when it is busy around here...lizzy is a runner, escape artist and freakout. i will let them out to run around when no one is here and i can lock the doors.

rocko, the 16 yr old diabetic cat is obviously quite upset at finding himself here. yesterday he had a home and a family and today he doesn't. the good news is, upset or not, rocko has a great appetite. this is good if one is upset and new and a diabetic too.

the change in riley is really quite amazing. that dog trots out like a real dog on a real mission. far cry from the sad, slow, limp along wreck of a mere week ago. i saw very little of him on tonights field/pond run. he had important things to do on his own. he has finished his ulcer meds, still has both antibiotics and pain meds. another week or so and he should just be down to just the pain meds. that will be nice.

with a combined effort, we got the mp room switched around and the birds safely moved. i think it will work ok for everyone as it is now. if for some reason it doesn't just let me know.

boomer really has got to be the world's cutest homely dog. it is his personality, and it is all there in the expressiveness of his eyes and face...he is cheerful and playful, a bit of a trickster and has a great sense of humor. and that dog LOVES living at saints.

well i am a bit done in and i still have to tackle trying to get the meds into fritz and chloe..i just haven't had time up til now and i didn't want to be impatient and stress them and screw it up. i am pretty sure i only have one shot at this with each of them.
damn cats.


janet nicholson

Marvelous news about Riley - looking forward to seeing photos.


I'm sorry I missed tonight Carol! Maybe it would of only taken one hour- a lot to do on ur own! See u tomorrow!


I often think it's too bad we don't have a veterinary college in BC. SAINTS would be such a perfect place for students to learn.