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just because it will be most inconvenient...

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2013

i bet the house well gives out today.

this mac laptop is getting pretty is ok for the first few minutes on it but then starts crapping out. by the time i finish a post or an email and hit publish or send, 3/4's of the time the mac says its too tired and safari just can't connect.
then i have to shut er down and try all over again.

it is like the thing has remembers and then it forgets. anyway..posting, editting posts for typos and mistakes and answering emails is problematic. and don't anyone even try to facebook me because this thing cannot ever get past my facebook front page.

oh well..she is pretty old, i think we bought her almost 8 years ago.

and while i really appreciate folks offers to find us a cheap or free rebuild...the rebuilds are like used washers around here, with the dust and the hair, and the freaking spraying cats so prevalent in a shelter environment, they just don't last. the last one that curt put so much time and effort in to barely made it a year. usually with a new one, we can make it thru 3 years and the first two are covered by warranty.

anyway..i don't mind fiddling thru until money is less tight, as long as folks realize, this thing doesn't work all that great and if someone has asked me something and i haven't for now to just give me a call.

it is going to be a different kind of day. the barn and the house are both down some regular folks. plus with all of the recent changes, sick or confined animals in cages, gideons frequent eye meds and new animal additions in the mp bldg, i need to split myself between the three areas.
this ought to be fun...hope i can make it work ok.

well...i better go get some breakfast, haul butt back here and get to it.
i better be on the ball, and not screw anything up.

and please god...just make the well water last thru today, i really don't want to have to crawl under the house to switch to the tank.



i would try him with 25 mgs of gravol and see if that settles his nausea so he eats. not sure what effect it will have on his kidneys and liver but at this point does it really matter? the vet may have a different anti nausea med which is better so i would talk to them first.
if there is a possibility of an infection, adding an antibiotic might help...i would talk to the vet about a week long trial of flagyl...we had a dog years ago with a diagnosis of liver disease. put him on flagyl and his liver function improved...there was an underlying gram negative infection.
however...adding another med when he already feels like crap is not really fair so i would ask for either an oral or even injectible anti nausea to settle his stomach before adding the antiibiotic. flagyl has an added benefit of being a bit of an antinflammatory med in the bowel..if his bowels are thickened from inflammation/infection, it will help with that too.

cheryl and stef

Carol it is mostly Nausea. His liver and kidneys are starting to fail. He still comes for very short walks twice daily. Ultra sounds showed thickening around the bowel which the Specialist thought could be infection. Did not show any lymph node involvement because at first he thought it was lymphoma. Everything else looks fine. Our vet still believes it is Lymphoma so not sure who to go with...Just thought if you knew of any medications that would help the nausea maybe. We are using sulcrate to coat stomach, and then he is on lotensin for his kidneys, B12 and fluid under skin twice daily. He does drink water and also gets the ensure twice a day will eat bits of food on occassion. Poor guy but he is still so alert .


Cheryl & Stef, I'm not Carol but I do have a suggestion. Did you ever try a nutritional supplement called Nutrical? We got it from our vet and although we initially got it to make sure our dog was getting enough nutrients when his appetite took a turn for the worse, Nutrical turned out to act as an appetite stimulant too. Wishing you lots of luck.


it depends on why he isn't eating..pain? nausea? dementia? loose teeth?. i try to figure out the underlying issue and fix that if we can first. if we can't then we try symptom control meds so they feel ok enough to eat and when those no longer work, then we start looking at quality of life.


Carol... 300 bucks will get you a new laptop ya know!! And trust me there is nothing better than a new laptop!

cheryl and stef

i carol i am so sorry to bother you here on the blog. we are having a hard time getting our 15 year old JR to eat, having to syringe feed him ensure. He seems to want to eat. He is on Prednisone to perk up his appetite. I was wondering if you had any secrets that you could share to get eating?