Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2013

riley and capone's list of do not likes gets longer...they met 3 different men at three different times today and freaked out at all three.
easier to just list who they do like and accept...well mannered dogs who look like real dogs, women and kids....everything else on the planet is to be taken down and possibly eaten.

300 plus pounds of probable permanent pain in the ass....they're lucky i like them.

we have an ongoing debate on how much if anything odie can see. i think he sees very little..i think he can hear and feel and smell changes in air flow and that is why he turns his head towards movement.
anyway..after michelle, chris and i were done with saints bedtime, i took odie out to the barn with me to give gideon his second dinner. i feel bad because he can no longer come for the evening runs cuz sure as shit he will cause trouble with the big guys.

he was pretty excited to be the only one allowed to come so he took off ahead of me in high speed. full head on crash, smack into the closed gate (he is used to it already being wide open for him.)
he hit it so hard, he bounced back a full 3 feet and landed on his back with his feet up in the air.

oops.sorry od...i guess i am right and you really don;'t see too much of anything.

wanda is here..old, skinny and still a bit matted but underneath it all she is a beautiful cat.
glad we were able to be here for her, she sure deserved better than getting lost out on the street and ending up like that!

the 4 little chi's are doing ok..they are so super cute, i might just have to keep them. their mom comes back on tuesday..i wonder if she will believe that i lost them??

rocko is doing ok..i will most likely switch him over to the house late next week. fritz is feeling better, he seems to have shaken off his cold so i let him out today.
chloe is eating again so i am happy about that, but she will have to stay caged until she finishes her meds next friday.

all in all it was a pretty good weekend. i am just hoping there is still a bit of water in the well so i can have a nice, long, hot soak to get rid of the sticky and sweaty leftovers of today.



Sorry, Carol,

I really appreciate your keeping my little family for a few days but I would't believe that you had lost them. You could find Tashie by the nearest food bowl. So glad that they are behaving themselves and not causing you any problems. Thanks again and I''ll be up to pick them up to-morrow before 1 p.m. I really appreciate your taking such good care of them.



Last Sunday Riley and Capone were good with Kevin. He was petting them and they were wagging but I was there too. Could I come by one day this week with curtains for mp room? I will put them up even lol