Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2013

sorry...headache yesterday, slept a good portion of the day away. by suppertime, sleeping was not working so gravol, tylenol, antihistamines, codeine, advil and muscle relaxants, virtually knocked me unconscious until 0530 this morning. surprisingly enough, i am still alive and the headache is gone....yay. i probably shouldn't have taken all of that shit, but i was past thinking. ..not a good thing.

new dog in from AC. the story is...he was brought in as a stray, running, around the mall. a couple of days later, the finder called back and admitted he was really her dog. apparently he started biting about 6 months ago, was taken to the vets but no health reason for the biting was discovered. he has bitten the AC staff on numerous occasions so adoption was not really an option and here he is.

his name is pepper, he is a cute little shitz and not all that old or wrecked. he is currently hanging out on my bed and i would strongly suggest everyone just ignore him til he works the knots out of his knickers.

for the staff..please feed him canned food breakfast and lunch. he is too thin and his spine is sticking up.

we also have a new cruelty seized old cat in who i will not mention on line again.
but i do want to caution everyone who works or volunteers at saints not to let folks looking for "lost" pets or pretending to want to "adopt" new pets to enter saints without my permission. all visitors MUST have a confirmed appointment with me personally.
we have been down this road before where folks whose animals were legally seized due to cruelty or neglect, try to find them again and they are not usually forthright and honest on why they are here.

so the iron clad rule is no appointment, no access. end of story.
take their contact info. and i will call them.

anyway, that's all the news. yesterday was a bit of a blur.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!!! i love you!!!



Ouch, Carol! I hope your headache stays away this time! Are they actually migraines, or are they headaches? You seem to get them often, and I know how debilitating they can be. If they're migraines, have you ever tried any of the triptans?I used to end up taking wayyy too many things in combination just trying to find something that would knock me out so the damned rodeo in my skull would stop. I find that if I catch it early, triptans work, and if not, ketorolac and a tylenol 3 should. It certainly saves taking a bunch of things and still waking up with the pain! I hope the new SAINTS are happy in their new digs, too. I'm glad they're safe now ,and never have to worry again.


many of our animals are cruelty/neglect seizures suzanne, not feasible to hide them all.
we just need to be on guard against seemingly nice folks with hidden agendas.


can you find a place to hide the poor cat during the scheduled tours?