W4W Table Sponsorships

Sheila  ·  Aug. 2, 2013

We are hoping to once again have all our 19 tables sponsored for $200. If you, your family, your workplace, a group of friends would like to get together and sponsor table you can have the choice of one of the saintly residents or your own furry or feathered friend host the table. Below are 8 of the beautiful images created by
by Shauna Guenther of Office Max Grand & Toy that were part of 19 table sponsors from last year.

Thank you Susan Harris and Magnum Fabricators Limited for sponsoring 3 Tables
Thank you Johanna Hickey for sponsoring 2 tables
Thank you Leila Kullar for sponsoring 1 table
Thank you Cathie Koulouris for sponsoring 2 table
Thank you Lynne Arnason for sponsoring 1 table
Thank you Dawn Gleadhill for sponsoring 1 table

If you would like to sponsor a table you get email me at

Also I am still looking for Auction items so if you would rather sponsor by donating an item - I would be just as thrilled.

Edited August 3rd 9 AM


Susan Harasin

Thanks for the reminder Sheila, will get my cheque in the mail on Monday.

shelagh f

sheila, I want to sponsor the new Pepper as well
as the new cat I said before, Wanda I believe her
name is.

cathie k

Sheila ...I would like to sponser another table....Please would someone decide for me,as I'm not a regular,I think it should be a volunteers choice......C Koulouris


i would like to sponsor a table in honor of blonde buddy and big bambi if that is okay.