Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2013

I am so sorry to ask, and I am not even sure anyone is even available but...

I got bit today and I am pretty sure the muscle in my leg is torn. I had to go to the grocery store to get milk and yellow apples for Gideon (cuz he won't eat the red ones) and by the time I got to the check out, I was blinking back tears of agony. I seem to be able to walk on it for a few minutes and then it just gets progressively worse and worse til I can't stand it.

I am not gloing to be able to make it thru tonights bedtime routine on my own..i can use the crutches out in the shop to get around but then my hands won't be free to carry things.

is anyone available to lend me their hands for a couple of hours around 5pm? you don't need to know anything about bedtime..i will be with you to boss you around.


Johanna Hickey

So sorry Carol about your leg. I hope it is better soon. I tore a leg muscle once and I still remember the pain, so I hope you are O.K.

Unfortunately I'm too old to help and I probably wouldn't know what to do anyway, so I'm sending a little donation so that you can hire some extra shfts to help you.

Take good care of yourself.



it's better..the crutch really helped! I will most likely be running around on all two's tomorrow!



I already offered to drive her-it was a big fat not going to happen. LOL!!

Take care of yourself tonight.


Omg Carol. What can I do to help? Anything tonight? Please let me know. Hope ur ok


yay tammy and ali...we are covered for bedtime. THANK UYOU SO MUCH you guys!!!!!! ok...back to the ice pack.


thx tammy! another person would be good too if anyone can? it is a lot of work for innocent first timers...sooo sorry.