Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2013

I think I have decided that my leg is ok this morning. ok being relative, like don't freaking touch it but so far, walking is ok. so maybe the muscle is not actually torn, maybe I shouldn't have gone grocery shopping quite so soon and it just started it bleeding into the muscle again. whatever...we will see how it holds up today.

so far, it hasn't been one of my better weekends...chilko, saints foster dog swallowed another rock and is back in the vets and not doing so great. the vet thinks there may be some internal bowel damage so it is wait and see over the weekend. since the last episode was only two weeks ago, I am a bit stressed trying to come up with a workable plan to prevent this dog from killing herself and bankrupting us.
I am also not happy that one of our new cats has to be returned to the previous owner due to a mix up in communication before he arrived. I am generally inflexible in returning animals to past owners for lots of very good reasons but this time I don't have a choice. I am trying to be a big girl and suck it up but as I now feel responsible for this little guy, it is a big worry for me.
whatever, just deal with it I guess...what will be, will be.

so for those who don't know whose mouth messed up my leg, unfortunately it was odie. I say unfortunately for me, not for him. on his part, it was an accident. mystic was being a prime bitch when I was trying to bring him thru the gate. it wound him up, pissed him right off and he flipped and went for her. I stuck my leg inbetween them to prevent her from getting bit.

the unfortunate for me parts were that not only is odie blind and can't see whose leg is in front of his face, but also that he has absolutely no bite inhibition. his level and depth of bite depends of the depth and level of his rage. he was pretty damned pissed.

whatever again, i'll live.

I do hope that walking on it works ok today cuz tomorrow is a stat and I actually do want to go into work. it is always a treat to get paid time and a half for work that I normally get paid less for. what can I say? the extra makes a nice paycheque.

well I better go get breakfast..i missed out yesterday cuz I forgot I was on my own til 1030 yesterday.

oh and thx to Bethany and shawn for kicking in and helping me or I wouldn't have had the house ready by 11 am for the tour. if no one bites me today, I will do better!



odie is not a bad dog he reacts to things going by him. when i was there a while back i was bringing him out the gate and mystic jumped him and tried to bite him. of course he is goig to react. i would too. it sucks that carol got bit tho. too bad. he does not think i am going to bite someone, he reacts to the situation and just goes for it. i always stay out of his way. it must suck to have all this traffic and not know who is going by. hope your leg is better carol.

Ian and Mary

Odie is a very lucky boy that you are so understanding of his biting inhibition.....your leg is probably NOT so understanding....