Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2013

Sampson has gone back to his home.
preacher is picking on tang.
chloe will be finished her meds by the end of the week and will be able to be free again.
fritz seems to have come to terms with his new life as a shelter cat.
both wanda and rocko are ready to be moved, I just need chloe's house cage free for rocko and I am thinking wanda will do well with marvin's crew.

barn guys
baby is still quite sore on her leg. I gave her another metacam injection tonight so hopefully that helps her.
I am pretty sure that Gideon is virtually blind in both eyes now. I think he sees a little but not very much.
we won't be doing the pig mud wallows in the pens again next summer. I really cannot stand the smell. I am thinking of building them permanent pig sized cement pools with drains so we can hose them out and clean them.
carl was being a total dick head to gilbert tonight so I kicked him out with the cows.
summer is starting to wait by her barn door for her dinner every night.
Crosby is having a really hard time with this heat.

riley / capone are basically back to being normal healthy active dogs,we will try reducing their pain meds and see how they do. they will be having their third round of cartrophen injections this week so the timing is right in seeing an improvement in how they feel.
angel has diarrhea tonight.
shane and jesse are getting so freaking frail and old.
apparently pepper is quite the enthusiastic barn dog..i am told he had a blast out at the barn today.
bru went home with jenn and jiv..he was pretty darn happy to say good bye to here.

thx everyone for a great saints weekend, another month of upside down, "we are short" summer and we should be back to more regular and predictable coverage in sept.

I think that is pretty much all of the updates.