Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2013

the dogs thank the barn folks today for the 4 big piles of hay tossed down in the bottom field. there is so much there it looks like no one even bothered to eat any. and if they did, that means there was a whole lot more and did someone actually lose their mind today???. the dogs have eagerly pissed several times on every single pile., its pretty much not good for anything now except for the manure bin. it is a huge waste of hay, it will be a fair amount of work for someone to pick it all up tomorrow and it will add even more stuff to the over full bin.
lets not buy hay to just toss costs money to buy it and it costs money to haul it away.
I won't bitch about it killing the grass cuz the grass there is already dead but still...please don't do it. no one is starving (except for maybe Gideon and he isn't down there anyway.)

hay hand slap is done.

michelle and I took charlotte and wilbur down to the pond tonight, they really seemed to enjoy themselves. then we took most of the house crew for a run and they had a ton of fun. I forgot to tell her not to touch pepper and he bit her. just a small nick but he drew blood...little biting bastard.
we took the can't be with the mastiff's house dogs back and brought out the big two. and they were a hoot. riley joined in a game of catch mystic if you can...he ran down the hill, across to the field, back around the pond and up the hill again. he thought that was great fun and he can actually run pretty fast.

I moved Frankie over to the house. I set up a cage for her in the computer room but once everyone was gone and preacher was sleeping, I let her out. she laid out in the front cat run all afternoon. but preacher has woken up and started to bug her so I put her back in the cage. preacher really is a pain in the ass.

cali has not come out of her crate. she is still laying in it inside the cage. it doesn't look like she has had anything to eat or to drink and this is a total drag because I do not want to have to force feed a pissed off cat who has a past history of violence. I better hit one of the pet stores tomorrow and see what specialty things I can find to tempt her to eat. I end up buying like 30 or 40 bucks worth of looks pretty tasty shit and 9 times out of 10 pissed off cats won't eat any of it. angry cats are stubborn little buggers they just won't fall for the human suck up.

well..except for meds, I am mostly done..maybe some dinner and a hot bath now???


janet nicholson

Thanks for the update on Bobo - always great to hear of a successful adoption. And Riley - wow, what a difference in his life - so good to read that also.


That is so great to hear!!! I was wondering how he was doing. Yeah Bo!


hey not relevant to the post but wanted to let folks know that bo bo is doing great. went and saw him last night he is such a little suck he follows the girls around the house non stop, he is very content and having a good life. they all love him and he gutted a stuffie right in front of me. well, took off the eyes and tag, and really gutted it when i left. i am so glad for carol letting david adopt him and for david and his family adopting him. he has a huge yard to play in a couch to lay on and lots of love and hugs. he is one happy camper. i video taped him with his stuffie and took pics hopefully i can get jenn to blog some of them. the video is hilarious. see you tommorrow