Rescue Journal

preacher resides in heartbreak hotel

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2013

but right now he just cannot find the key to get in.

PLEEEASE....let me in......where is it...where is my kitty climb into the computer room door...where oh where has it gone....(I lost the question mark again so please pardon the improper punctuation.)

he is currently hanging spread eagle on the wire door, desperately shoving his pointy little face into each and every opening, trying to find the one that he used to fit in.

he looks so pathetic.

I almost feel badly for him, except he would still be able to get in here if he had better manners with the other cats.

he can whine, he can fuss, he can twist himself right into a pretzel but none of it changes the fact that he goes out of his way to upset certain cats and so he cannot come back in.

sucks to be preacher who wants something so badly but will not get it until he grows up, sucks it up and stops intentionally yanking the other cats chains.

in the mean time, he is pretty damn cute trying to find some secret new cat way in.



I was also starting to feel sorry for him yesterday, until I saw him chasing Cocoa in from outside. He needs to learn that the world is not his playpen and the cats are not his toys.