Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2013

I blocked off the computer room cat access to keep preacher out, moved tang and conan in (cus preacher likes to bug them) and have basically turned the computer room into a safe house for morgan, conan, tang and Frankie. we will see how well it works for them. tang is currently sleeping in frankies cage, she has been out in the cat run all day since I let her out. I will have to re-cage her soon so that I know that she eats cuz due to the raccoons climbing the wire we cannot keep food out in the cat run.

I think in the long run as long as preacher cannot bug her, Frankie will be happier at the house. I might still have to cage her at night to make sure she eats but at least now I can hold her on my lap for a while at night when I watch tv. she does like human company and I am here more than I can be over in the mp building. she does have to go into the vets for a shave tho. I started to try to brush her out again but she got pissed at me.

speaking of pissy cats, cali is still hanging out in the crate. she has snuck out to use the litter box then back into the crate. she is eating the canned food so that is good and she did draw blood on me today so that probably made her day. whatever, I can afford to lose a few drops if it makes her feel less vulnerable and afraid.

I had to take off the mastiff collars, capones was ok but riley has been regaining his lost weight so his was pretty tight. anyway, they both need new and bigger ones cuz those were soon going to be too tight to get over their giant bucket heads. I will try to find some giant ones tomorrow.

there are so many picky little details to saints. who likes who, who is a problem and who are they a problem with, why certain food and water bowls need to be where they are, who is allowed to go where, who is not allowed to go pretty much anywhere, what caged cat might try to escape, which dog will try to bolt, which one might bite and under what circumstance, what water can be run from which source and which hose, what bills are due and what the heck are they for, who likes to do things this way and who likes to do things that way, who is covering here each day and how much do they know, who has what medical conditions, and who knows what to look for if someone gets sick or starts acting weird, whats normal, whats not, whats to get excited about, whats best to ignore..blah, blah, blah, can make my head spin trying to keep track of it all.

but the good thing for me is I do not need to download a ton of information into my head every day. it gets downloaded one piece at a time and it keeps accumulating over time til I carry around a mountain of picky shit in my head. one piece fits into another and I get to carry around a decent amount of the puzzle....there are a thousand tiny, odd shaped pieces to saints. and maybe I expect too much, that others can see the shape and size and color of the same puzzle when they do not have all of the same pieces floating around in their heads.

not sure what to do about it except to change the way I look at it.

I will tell you something tho...saints in and of itself, is an amazingly intricate ecosystem that somehow stays relatively balanced. part of it is pure luck, part of it is well used brain, but most of it is the combined blood, sweat, and tears that we all put in here.



I wish you had posted this earlier today as I could have brought out some big collars my guys have.