Rescue Journal

i took most of the day off..sort of.

Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2013

I poked the diabetics, and left. I spent the morning shopping, trying to find something to wear to jenns wedding. that drove me thoroughly round the bend so I cheered myself up and bought new outfits for the grandkids instead. I still have nothing to wear to the wedding so I will have to go out tomorrow again. my days off after this week are limited so I need to find something mother of the bride appropriate that will hide my ugly leg.
going by whats in the stores... the current favorite color of fat people is various shades of black.

I hate shopping for me...for grandkids, its kind of fun.
oh and I bought riley and capone two new HUGE collars and matching they are stylish dogs!

I met ann at the bank and will meet Sheila there tomorrow. new board of directors, new directions to take, we need a new account to try to start saving for a future (hopefully) bigger and better home for saints.... it may take many years to get there but we have to start sometime so it might as well be today. its not like the animals are ever going to stop coming so we need to plan how to be there when and with what they need.

I know Frankie is happier over here. as soon as I got home and hit the computer, she joined me here. she is a cat who wants human company and here at the house she can get that. she still has to put up with some other animals within her view, but these guys (minus preacher) are fairly polite and do not go out of their way to upset her. I think she will be far happier now.

one problem sort of figured out.

possibly new incoming...not for sure til they actually arrive. one is a 5 month old very poorly bred shitz pup who has multiple health issues, requiring multiple large surgeries, and she bites... so far.... several times. the other is an old, rotten toothed cat. not too worried about taking in a small breed puppy, she is too small to grow up to be anything more than a pain in the ass...she wont grow up into a possible danger to the others matter how nasty she is. lucky for her she is little and I said she could come in.
ok... I admit it... after fletcher I am size biased on puppies now...big breed special needs puppies can lodge a complaint and sue me.
maybe I will get over it in a bit more time but currently blind odie once badly bitten by a power puppy has made me twice shy.

speaking of...apparently said odie got at shane on sunday while I was gone. the door to the computer room was left open, poor shane wandered into the kitchen and odie was on him. here was the real problem..everyone has seen my leg and how hard odie can bite so no one was able to jump in and grab him because they too feared for their lives. for shane that kind of sucked.
he is ok by the real damage done, just scared out of the few wits he has left. odie was just in a dickhead mood, he wasnt really all that mad so he didnt try to bite shane hard.

honestly the easiest permanent solution to the ongoing and continuing odie problem is just to nuke him and be done. and that most likely wont happen because odie is easy enough to live with if we don't screw up. I think the solution to this one is, as much as I detest signs in everyones face, simply a BIG permanent, laminated sign in BIG letters on that door that says... please keep this door shut.

can anyone make one for us please and we will give it a try.

hopefully this simple solution works and we can avoid odie plan B.
sucks to love certain assholes but oh well, we do (despite the occasional ugly leg.)



i also had to laugh at your comment about various shades of black for fat people. why do you think that is all i wear anymore. lol


all we could do was dump water on odie, but it worked. while he was distracted, i half carried shane back into the computer room. i felt soo bad for him, he was terrified. crash had also wandered out but when i came into the kitchen to the sounds of odie and shane quickly managed to get him back into the computer room.a big sign sounds like a good thing. also maybe a sign on the inside of the front door about preacher. he is very quick and really wants to go outside. we did check shane over for injuries, but i think odie just got fur, thank god odie doesnt go for the kill.


omg! you do not want to shop with me...i fuss and carry on like I am getting a tooth pulled or something!


Carol, you should check out Marion's dressing Room downtown Chilliwack across from StarFm and where the old movie theatre was. It has really great clothes. I've found really nice dresses there for special occasions. Want me to meet you there tomorrow (Tuesday)? I'll help you find something before you come and pick up Max... Ivanna

Bunny Horne

I will make you a sign - I do have a laminating machine at home. Will bring it with us on Sunday. Maybe if you piece all the Grand-kids clothes together you will get an outfit suitable for the wedding.