Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2013

max the new cat is here. I picked him up this afternoon, dropped him at our vet for exam and bloodwork and got him when he was done. once the bloodwork is back and he has a week or so of antibiotics under his belt, he should be good to book in for his dental.

Frankie is staying at the vet, she needed more than light sedation for her grooming. so she had bloodwork today and if all is well, can be fully sedated tomorrow for get her coat finally fully cleaned up. I told them if she needed a dental to do it while she was out. better for old cats not to have too many anaesthetics so if we can get a couple of things done at the same time, that would be good.

new dog coming in later tonight. not sure what she is..the original call from a friend said lab, the foster,(now the legal owner) said Chihuahua. apparently if I understand the story correctly she was brought up from California by a rescue group and put into this home as a foster. she was bitten in the head by one of the resident dogs (I think she was the instigator) and ended up losing an eye. this is where it gets fuzzy...I think the foster paid the vet bill because the rescue wanted the dog put down because however much the bill was, it would be better spent on younger and more viable dogs. the foster had the dog signed over to her but cannot keep her so her friend called a senior rescue in florida called rainbow retirement or something and they gave her our contact info.

sounds like this little (or not) dog has gotten the royal rescue run around.

I fail to see the point to pulling her out of high kill California just to unnecessarily nuke her up here. plus I just do not understand any rescue who does not go to the wall for their dogs...esp. if they were hurt in their care. each his own I suppose.
we will see if we can do better for her here.

I finally went to the doctor about my leg. he decided it should be drained so he froze it and poked it with an 18 gauge needle and tried to aspirate it out into a 60ml syringe and nothing came out except some blood from the pokes. I have to go back in a week because now that we shoved needles in and broke the skin, it is more likely to get infected. I should have just trusted my gut and left it alone.

oh do not know this but I just took a one hour typing break.

both new dogs are here.

the little shitz pup is freaking adorable. she has bilateral luxating patellas, a soft palate that apparently wrinkles and needs surgery to straighten out, and nasal passages that are too narrow and need to be widened. the owner bought her off craigs list at 7 weeks old. when they realized she was a medical disaster pup, they ditched her and bought a boston terrier pup off of craigs list next.
some people never learn.
anyway, here name is currently gizmo but she is losing that cuz gizmo is a boys name. I am thinking of Gertrude, gerty for short cuz gerty was one of my most favorite cats from many years ago. she has yet to bite me but apparently this adorable little girl does bite fairly frequently.

also the lab or chihauhua is here. she is really a min pin and a totally primed up bitch. my finger was mashed and bleeding within the first 3 minutes. her name is roxy and she can keep it cuz it is a tough little name for a tough little girl. she is currently sitting on my window sill, hoping to fall out. I shoved over some stuff and made a table top for her and gave her a bed, food and water.
I plan on ignoring her now.
I would suggest that everyone ignore her too until she gets over her ire cuz this dog does not fool around when she bites, she bites hard and with very clear purpose...get the hell away from me right now!!!

I highly doubt she got rescued from California...I bet the californians kicked her out!

and now I know why the rescue washed their hands of her...she is a 6 pound, one eyed, walking liability hag. reminds me of griffin..i miss him.
gonna love you no matter what bitchy babe.

if no one hears from me tomorrow..she might have eaten me in my sleep...her bed is like a foot away from where my head will be. hope floats she doesnt kill me tonight.

will everyone please just take a break from biting me!! I am a GOOD girl.



Hi Carol--I fostered Gerty (formerly Gizmo) for several weeks, let me know if you need any help with her (or info), she was no trouble here at all. Thanks so much for taking her!


I'm back in the Internet world after 2 weeks without... Now living in Malaysia, but so happy to keep up with SAINTS. I was having withdrawls.

So sorry to hear about Brittney. She was a sweetie. I miss them all. Caitlyn misses CeeCee and Bonnie. I miss Ceecee, Rascal, Frankie, Babette, Gary, Granny, ..... or should I just say, ALL OF THEM at Saints


oh yeah..i forgot know how you said your favorite dogs were shitz, bichon, and pitts...after you left I realized I had one of all three of those for you...

oh and hey...that pup looks just like those two shitz from that horrible puppy miller (hootie) he breeding underground again....


I remember Gerty and thought of her when I read the beginning of that sentance. :)


I'm still laughing over your last comments Carol - let's hope for everyone's sake that she decides not to chow down on your head tonight!!!


Like the last part, gave me a chuckle (a foot away from your head) Too much :=)