Rescue Journal

good morning or maybe not.

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2013

I woke up this morning to a powder puff of a pup on my shoulder, on my neck, on my head. she is light as a soft puffy feather. she also has the sounds of fluid accumulating hopefully in the base of her throat and not in her chest. I think that babe aspirates when she drinks.

I also woke up to the beginnings of a ring of red creeping around the hematoma on my leg. I am not too happy about that. and my finger is a bit swollen and sore. damn dogs and their teeth.

anyway...gerty had a decent night lounging away on some part of me, , roxy is still sulking on the window sill. she refuses to accept the offer of a more comfortable bed. stubborn little minx.

I havent seen new max-cat yet this morning, but he is a nice guy and most likely relatively happy to be in our bigger, windowed pen, vs an actual cage.

as far as I know cali is still seething in rage over her change in circumstance.

ahhh, angry cat, angry leg, angry little one eyed dog.

might not be too much of a happy camper day...I want to go back to bed.



i was glad to read this and know you weren't eaten in your sleep.


and i think Gerty is an AWESOME name for her!