Rescue Journal

notes from sleepy hollow

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2013

not sure what hit me yesterday but I got the sleepies. I was out in the morning in abbotsford, picking up gates and hay feeeders when suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks..i needed a nap.... badly! I came home sometime around noon and hit the bed. except for getting up a few times...visitors, vet run, bedtime, dog runs, meds...I pretty much stayed there til my alarm went off this morning. talk about the ultimate bone weary lazy,,,that was me!

whatever. I got done what I had to get done which apparently included a heck of a lot of on and off sleeping!

quick updates.

chance and judd are off a bit. not sure what is up with them both but we are watching to see.
gerty is settling in well...change is always easier for a puppy.
roxy still hates me but she does like erin. its good that she wants to make at least one friend here. there is something incredibly sad about that little hard-biting girl. life has not been kind to her I think. whatever, it's over. eventually she will make even more friends here.
max is doing ok but he already wants out of that pen. I think we can try him over in the house after his dental is done.
cali is out of her crate...Dionne pushed the issue and got her to switch to a cat dome bed. but she is still pretty pissed.
erin pushed the issue with rocko too so he is out of his cage now. he looks a bit overwhelmed but is coping ok.

for susan....tess is doing ok. her arthritic deformities keep her fairly immobile. but she does toddle around the mp room to follow us when laying in bed and bossing us around doesn't work as well as she thinks it should.

I don't think Gideon ate all of his dinners last night but its hard to see exactly how well he did from the cameras. I will try to run into lex on my lunch break for a more accurate update on how he is eating.

well...I am on early shift today so I better get moving.

oh and...Frankie is home....matt free. she has been bugging me while I try to type this.



glad he is better! now you switch to a maintenence dose of one injection every three months to keep him good..


just a big thank you to you Carol for the tip on the Cartrophen. Max just got his fourth shot and it has made a dramatic difference for him. Max thanks you, his vet thanks you, and I thank you too!