Rescue Journal

safety note to the weekend house folks

Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2013

roxy has a pen set up surrounding my closet. I will make sure she has food and water before I leave and she is safely in the pen, please do not let her out, best to just leave her completely alone. erin is here on saturday and can check on her in the morning and in any case I will be home at lunch time so she will be fine until I get here. please do not try to make friends with her yet, the dog cannot be trusted, she is a loose canon and someone may get bitten. and she REALLY wants out of my not let her out of the pen and for goodness sakes if she does get out of the not let her out of my room, keep the door to the big dog room closed at all times.

DO NOT LET ANYONE TOUCH HER ON THE TOUR (I don't know why it is, but telling people little dogs bite, makes them want to try to pet them. its weird but true.)...anyway...please keep everyone away from her, I don't need a mean min pin biting machine lawsuit.



I'm on it Carol, I'm there both daysfor the tours-will guard that dog with my life.