Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2013

I got home early so I thought since I had some time before barn bedtime I could pick the peaches. they would make nice organic baby food for the grand kids since they never get sprayed with any kind of shit. oh well, no peaches left. i will try to be quicker next year, you snooze and you lose around here.

we had a 75% success rate with the hay feeders, not bad since I wasn't here to clarify. thx so much for putting them up brent, I am sorry for screwing up and am hoping you won't mind too much moving one of them next time you are here. i so suck at describing where i want shit to go. it was close, but the one under the little pigs barn undercover area is where the roof is too low and if one of the horses throws up their head in an altercation with someone else over the hay they could get hurt if they hit the roof. safer to be on the high roof side on the building wall. i should have mentioned that! duh.
anyway, i feel bad asking you to move it again after all of your hard work. oops and sorry.

buddy had enough of crash's constant harassment and cleaned his clock again. buddy never hurts crash but he makes sure crash knows that buddy can only take so much of continual barking in his ear without blowing his top.

i think it is odie who has bloody diarrhea..looks like too much to be squirt. but squirt had at least sat in it cuz he needed a bath asap!

those little chi's are so freaking cute. i let them out to run around while i tidied up their pen and made their dinner. all they did was hang out at my feet waiting to get fed. hungry little buggers.

i took beezlebub out for a trot around the yard and then let her run around the bedroom til i had to go put the barn guys to bed. she and jerry started to get into it when she jumped over me and landed on him. roxie may be a bitch but she isn't crazy and she clued in pretty darn quick that jerry is totally insane so she quit while she was ahead and left. no one screws around with jerry, not even demon dogs.

both Gideon and baby seem to be doing ok tonight. but...Gideon did not eat well today so i am watching to see how much he eats tonight.
the good news is the barn ran low on apples today so i stopped and picked up more plus some nice pears and bananas so he had a really nice dinner tonight. fingers crossed he eats well! how to spend $50 on fruit for your old skinny horse...just stop at Bruces Market on your way home!

thanks everyone for your help today, sorry i didn't make it home for lunch, i got tied up at work.
i need to go put my leg up so blogging is done for now.



If you ignore Roxy totally (which I did today because I believe Carol when she says this or that dog bites) she is fine with you. She was outside her pen and was sniffing my feet and jeans and was on the bed with me (with Carol and Erin outside the room). I however got off the bed when a little spat broke out between her and Mini Me cuz I thought it was Jerry and was wondering which one was I a going to grab if something happens. Thank goodness a good clap and "hey" stopped the whole thing and I didn't have to decide.


Sure carol, I will move the hay rack at the little pigs. I will have to re-enforce the wall because the 4 holes on the rack do not line up will the studs and the sheeting of the barn will not support it, but it can be done. Next time we are out, which I believe is this coming Sunday.
I also took 2 of the bolts for the gate system you want at the MP yard/ cat run. I will buy the MONSTER bit they require to drill thru the 4 x 4 posts, but I'll have you look at everything before I start drilling for the gates..


I am falling ...and that is just from peeking at her out of the corner of my eye as I was in visiting the bed-buddies on the week-end . Poor babe I hope she settles soon & realizes that kindness is all around her.


damn pigs.
roxy will eventually settle, just like jerry and all of the nutbar others. and everyone will get used to working around and with her eventually.

and one day she will be loved by more than just erin and me.

roxy is mean because she is terrified. jerry is mean because he probably got brain damage from CO2 toxicity. odie is a dick because he is blind.

they all somehow got broken by life.

whatever, we manage the broken ones if we can. but all of them are least by someone.


Jerry may be a bit insane and often a big A hole.....but I really like Jerry and I know Lynne does at least he has 2 fans...however before you say it Carol... not enough to let mr crazy come and disturb my very content, sane

shelagh f

Just got home, so will be out in am with food and apples. Hope I can still get some yellow apples.


well st least she likes you she was a total hag to me. not my favorite dog


Poor roxy. Im gonna have to get one of those baby sling things so i can carry her around all day while I work. I remember doing that before with another dog but be fucked if i can remember who it was...


there was a lot of the runs in the bedroom also i took 2 bags of laundry home. there was a lot of shit around mostly runny dont know what happened, runs in the kitchen runs in the bedroom sheeesh. odie was a good boy today they were all good love that little gertie my god what a sweetheart.


we did pick the peaches for the pigs this early afternoon so they did not go to waste oh my god that roxy is really something else. i tried to give her fresh water, she freaked out and snarled at me i left her and dawn managed to pour some water in her bowl while i distracted her she is something else.