Rescue Journal

so far it has been a day of crises.

Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2013

rocko went hypoglycemic this morning. we were right on it giving him corn syrup and force feeding, except he just kept getting worse. his bloodsugar continued to drop to 1.9...we shoved even more stuff into him and it went down to 1.4. renee rushed him down to the vets, she was not even sure he was still alive when she got there. they hooked him up to a glucose IV and did an inhouse PVC which was down to 12%. anyway, the long and the short of it is..there is something big going on with him. his blood sugars are rising and he is sitting up now but he is still a very sick cat. we will have to wait for his blood work to come back tomorrow..the vet is thinking some kind of autoimmune disease that is attacking his own blood cells.

fingers crossed that rocko will be ok.

then raven had another one of his seizure like episodes today, only this one was bad. he hit the gate and then literally flipped backward and landed hard on his back. he has some scrapes on his face and legs. the vet has been out to check him over and draw some blood. his last episode was just on friday, it was mild but it really concerns me that this one came on so soon after the last.

the above was drafted at 2:30 pm

7pm update...

rocko was euthanized at 5 pm. the vets got his bloodsugars up to 21 and then he quickly crashed again down to 1.2. his last bloodwork from 6 months ago (we had it faxed over) showed significant kidney disease and that is most likely where his profound anemia was originating.
bottom line, everything was crashing in on rocko at the very same time. his diabetes, his renal disease, his old age and the recent stress of losing his home, it all combined into one big bomb that was just too much for him.

sweet cat. tough end of life. rest in peace rocko, your struggles are over now.



So sad. I hope Charlotte is going to be okay. Thaks to the dedicated staff for taking immediate actionn. Saint's has the best staff.


Sorry to hear of your shitty day Carol. RIP Rocko..

Today at the Liquor Store dropped some change in the SAINTS donation box by the till, great work whoever got them out here to Chilliwack :)


I left before Rocko came to Saints, so did nt get to meet him. Sounded like. Wet guy, brought tears to my eyes. RIP Rocko.
And Raven, so scary about her most recent seizure. Hope all is ok with her.


Rocko was such a sweet and handsome cat. Sad this happened so soon after he arrived at Saints. He was loved and cared for during his life, though, so he was a lucky boy. Rest softly little one.


This is tough all around. Rocko was such a nice cat and so obviously deeply loved. You always hope for a happy ending. R.I.P. Rocko. And I hope Raven will be OK.


aw i am so sorry carol that he did not get to experience how greats saints is. what a shitty break. so sorry rocko rip you were loved for the short time you were here. how sad.