Rescue Journal

yay! we're back! did ya miss us???

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2013

we are back on line. HUGE thx to Nicole who was just about tearing out her hair trying to gets us fixed up again.

so I guess I should write one of my very best posts ever to make up for the couple of lost days.

yikes....not going to happen. sorry.

first and foremost...THE HOUSE IS OUT OF WATER!

this means no laundry, no dishes, no toilet flushing, no tap running in the house or the shop until the water truck gets here. I am wondering if the hose from the barn tanks will reach to the house water tank and we can fill up from there???? I will ask brent when he gets here.
I could find out for myself but I am not climbing a ladder to try to feed the hose into the big tank even if it does reach cuz I am still deathly afraid of heights.

I will pretty much do anything for saints, except ladder way.

for those that are interested in the continuing saga of my leg...I got it cut open on Thursday, it is draining and getting better (FINALLY) every day.

the new cats...

orion and possod are not eating and that is a worry. tony is settling well. max-cat made a great adjustment to the house. cali is still pissed and crouched in her hidey hole house waiting to slash out but at least she is eating while in her ongoing rage.

I have given roxy, aka beezelebub a new nick name...crazy horse. just so you know who the heck I am talking about. she went for blood twice yesterday..once with laura, but missed and once with KO and didn't miss. I took her out into the upper field for her bedtime walk and she was desperate to kill herself a giant pig. she was only mildly interested in taking out the cows and llama but REALLY gung ho to take down a 600 pound pig.
she is quite a funny yet violent girl. I like her a lot but I will NEVER take that crazy horse dog off of her leash.

june and boomer are stupid...they dragged one of the fleeces outside last night and then spent the night sleeping in one of mystics dirt holes. there are nice beds and couches inside! I suppose this is their version of a modified dog camping trip.

just so everyone knows..i am leaving today around noon for jenn's wedding shower..i hope the water is delivered by then because I really would like a bath and to wash my hair BEFORE I have to go. I am pretty damn sure jenn doesn't want stinky, waterless farm mom showing up at her shower today.

the last computer stalking pain in the ass cat I had was tula (miss you babe) but Frankie is trying her best to get in the way just as much as she possibly can.

well..maybe I will write a really great make up post later today...or not.



don't worry willie..I haven't been able to even get it to work once!
it is an exercise in frustration, so I just quit trying altogether,i have better things to do then mess around with something that so clearly does not work.

Willie Croissant

I have tried almost everyday to vote (have always voted daily in the past). The site just seldom works this time around. Sometimes, the 'Vote' button is missing - sometimes something else will just not work no matter how many times I try. It is very frustrating. I have probably only been able to complete my voting three times. Have tried with WindowsXP, Windows7 and Windows8. Their 'new and improved' is not so improved!!
Willie C


The address of the sponsor will be on the check you leave. If it is cash I still have Mary's address.
Yes Mary can get a tax receipt but can she also please fill out the donation form and sign it. I will email it to you know.



hey sheila, i have another table sponsored for 200 by my good friend marys boyfriend. if you still have marys address you can send receipt to her . will leave it in mailbox. she is the one on wolfe street in mission. how are the table sponsors coming. if mary just has price tags on the items she is donating can she still get a tax receipt.


For Suzanne - google methionone (methionine? maybe?). I successfully treated a crystal-cat with it for several years when nothing else would work but can't remember which kind of crystals he'd had. Only problem with it was at the time I could only find it in human-dose capsules, so had to break up the capsules and divide the powder into several dosages to mix with canned food.

janet nicholson

So glad you are back - and I loved the story of June and Boomer camping in Mystic's holes - with fleece of course - priceless pair.


hi carol, I know you are busy as all hell but I need your help again. my little Max has another round of struvite stones. do you have a drug/med/whatever to dissolve struvite or do you do it with food? if a drug, could you please tell me what it is? thank you,


You were definitely missed! Glad to catch up on the Saints antics and goings-on once again.
Computer gremlins are the worst...