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Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2013

the difference between rescuers and the average joe public is...rescuers do not have the luxury to choose the way we live.

I don't mean in terms of choosing to rescue or not...we made that choice for sure. I mean in terms of daily life.

average joe public can choose to get rid of the spraying cat, they can choose not to turn their lives and house upside down to accomondate their chronically anxious cat. if there isn't a cure or a permanent solution, then obviously everyone knows...the cat just has to go. the same is true for biting dogs, average joe public can ditch biting dogs...everyone agrees that no one should live with a dog that bites. it doesn't really matter why the dog bites or what steps could be taken to ensure the dog doesn't get his teeth on someone..bottom line, if the dog bites, the dog has to go.

where I start to get my knickers in a knot is when rescue behaves like joe public. when spraying cats and biting dogs can be managed and we choose not to do it. there are dogs out there that can cause serious harm and if they are a serious danger, don't dick around, tell them you are sorry and put them down. but I have a real issue with a six pound biter like crazy horse here. yes she is going to bite anyone she hasn't bonded with, but she is not going to bite those that she has.
there is a big difference between a dog that will rip out your throat and a dog that will mash your finger. and when rescue decides they are going to do rescue, they need to understand the difference.

you absolutely cannot, should not do rescue if you absolutely refuse to get stuck forever with the problem childs. this is not bring them in, shove them out and wash your hands until the next one comes. if you end up with a roxy or a conan the barbarian cat that most likely no one in their right mind will ever want to adopt...then sorry, if they are are stuck with them.

you will do what I do...remove all carpets and upholstered furniture from some area your home where is it easy to clean up after spraying cats. you will confine the little ankle biter in a safe place of their own whenever anyone is around who might end up with teeth in their finger or toes.
rescue cannot have two sets of that they insist joe public live by (like deal with that spraying cat or ankle biter dumbo) and one that they live by themselves(like oops, shouldn't have taken you in so outcha go problem child.)

when rescue fills up with rescued problems that have no where else to go...then you have to stop taking in new ones if you haven't anymore room for the permanently broken and unadoptable ones that might show up tomorrow.

is this fair? of course its not...someone who might get a good home is screwed to the wall. but you can't screw the ones you already rescued. when you took them, you made a promise to them all. promises are like chains, they can bind you in ways that aren't all that much fun. so that soon one spraying cat becomes 10 spraying biting dog becomes 6 biting dogs. one old wrecked thing that no one wants is suddenly 90 old and unwanted things all living at your house.

the trick to this is knowing how many you can afford in terms of time and space, in resources and with enough care and brains to humanely sustain and then doing the hard thing...saying no.

there is no reason at all for that crazy horse roxy to be here. she was already rescued. her rescue found her 1000 miles away in the states and had her brought here TO RESCUE. so why is she here BEING MANAGED with me and not being managed WITH THEM?

one simple reason only....they didn't like who they got.

well I would have liked a nicer, less complicated little dog too. but I said I would take her, and now that I got her, I will do what needs to be done...including keeping her for the rest of her life if no one ever wants this 6 pound, one eyed, biting dog.

roxy has been actually, finally been rescued. she will be safe and loved with me.
and make no mistake..this is the part that really sucks about get what you get and then you deal with it. and that might mean forever and ever....shit!


Carol Ann

I have a problem dog and I am going to keep her. Actually I have two. Not my SAINTS dogs, they are awesome.


My beautifull McArny black cat sprayer died at 15 ' but I miss him every day he lived with us and I would never have dumped him' every one loved him. when we petted him he purred so loud it was awesome & he drooled as we petted him ''means he loved it''
I hope all is well & Carol hope your leg is better' Pollyb


well you are right..i only see the ones that are not kept. but I do know that any kind of house training/soiling/spraying issues in dogs or cats is a hard one for most people to continually accept.

in any case my issue in this post is more with rescues who tell the public that animals are for life and are not disposable BUT who routinely dispose of animals that are perceived too difficult to continue to commit to in rescue.

it is kind of a double standard.


The ratio of those who give up their problematic dogs as opposed to those who keep them is not the same but it isn't as wide as you think - at least that is what my research is showing. There are plenty of "joe public" people keeping their bond with dogs (can't talk for any other pet companion) who are problematic because they have a deep sense of attachment, commitment and responsibility to the dog. I think your perception that most people don't keep problem dogs is based on the fact that you only deal with those people who give up on these dogs on the relinquishment side. It isn't like those who live with dogs with issues are running around advertising "hey I have a problem dog but I am going to keep him".


while I agree that most of joe public keeps their good solid family pets..i would wonder about how many actually keep problem pets.
of course that is the chicken and the egg thing all over again too...which came first?...problem pet or problem home?


Probably shouldn't say this on the board, but most of "joe public" do not give away there dogs. It looks like that to shelters and rescues because they only deal with people who are dumping their dogs. I believe I have researched the topic well enough to know that the majority of people who have pet companions keep their pets with them for life and it is the minority that break their relationships. We have a tendency to focus on the negative rather than looking at the positive.


I totally agree with all you said, but I get riled up thinking about "Joe Public" as you say and their quickness to give up on an animal they made a commitment to the day they brought them home. When a child is born, and is discovered to be autistic at the age of 2-5 - 8 do we just cast them out to a shelter?! NO! Why? Because the free world we live in would freak out. So why is it ok with animals?

I could go on for hours here....but not all of us "public" think my way (the right way of course! Lol)

Thanks for being my kind of rescue, or people in general!

shelagh f

some rescue.

Could we have a list of who still needs to be sponsored
some time. I think I only have Wanda, I certainly need to have
Tony from Terrace. THere are more new faces, but I am
not sure who else needs sponsoring. If new Pepper is
available I would take him THanks

Brenda Mc

a side note to Lynne: Is your email address still the same? I just want to make sure you received the couple of emails I sent you yesterday. Brenda


I posted last time that I was falling for her ( and that was just from peeking at her out of the corner of my eye ) this week-end I fell further when I approached her pen with a soft treat & she took it softly from my hand. Lol.. this was before she was let out from her safe spot & managed to get KO.

Rescued from rescue...sad.

I look forward to seeing who she is in 6 months.