Rescue Journal

i am a bit worried...

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2013

over leaving lance alone for an hour before the staff get here considering he already broke the metal curtain loop holder off the wall and tore down the t-shirt door curtain when I was on a simple 3 minute trip to the bathroom. with 57 more minutes to panic around at will he could totally destroy my room.

oh is just stuff, it is just stuff, it is just stuff.

and it's not like stuff hasn't been eaten and broken with other freak outs before him.

I am just kind of enjoying the no holes in the walls thing right now.


everything is replaceable except for him so in the grand scheme of things...whatever.

so sad to see such a very nice dog get worked up into complete terror over being left without a human in view.

if you ask me, its not like humans are all that great. we are ok but shouldn't be THAT important to him.

poor boy.

it is what it is and it will be what it will be until he learns the ropes and settles comfortably in.

someone has lost the power of being ok inside of him.



I rarely comment on your blog but I enjoy reading it; he sure sounds like my Tyler (it took almost 2 years before he could stay home alone and not trash the house...) As an aside, it has been 10 years this week since we adopted him - now when we are out he sleeps on the couch :) Or eats things off the counter but that is only when we aren't smart enough to hide things!
I hope Lance learns to relax soon, poor guy.


that dog is a sweet fly catching machine. what a sweetie. loved looking after him.


if thishappens again carol call me i could have come up there for the time before erin and renee got there. hope he settles it has to be very scary for him what about the time when they leave and ur not home. i am babysitting today but could bring the kids with me. i will phone u your not even going to read this post if you dont come home for lunch.