Rescue Journal

marshmellow was euthanized today.

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2013

he came in the spring of 2009, a victim of a family move. he was matted and blind from a chronic, untreated herpes eye infection. we bit the bullet, cleaned up the infection and did surgery on both eyes so he could see again. nice cat. I mean REALLY nice cat. as sweet and gentle and kind as a cat could possibly be. he hung out here for a couple of years, no one wanted to adopt him because he still needed ongoing medical care for his eyes, plus he was a pure white shedding Persian who needed a lot of grooming to keep tidy and neat.

I shouldn't say that no one wanted him...jenn really wanted him, she adored this very sweet cat. but where she was living already had 2 cats so marshy and jenn were out of luck. in the end, I sent marshy into foster care with my daughter Lindsey and her husband cam. it wasn't fair that this super great cat couldn't get a home of his own just because his eyes were not all that great. they had a really bitchy cat who loved Lindsey but cam wanted a cuddly cat of his own. I figured not even bella-lagosi cat could possibly get too pissed off at marshmellow. he was such a polite and nice cat and for the next couple of years they got along fairly well.

things got a little bit rough when the baby came but the new family managed to work it all out...marshy used to wait until the baby was sleeping and then park himself in front of the babe and meow really loud! last week I was over and watched marshmellow playing with ethan's toys and then being so patient while ethan played with his tail. he was a great cat for my little grandson, totally gentle and safe and he really liked the baby's stuff!

for the last couple of days marshy has been sleeping a lot, he was 14 now so he deserved extra naps. last night however his breathing became rapid and I picked him up at noon today to take into the vets.marshy's lungs were full of fluid, the aspiration showed cancerous cells. the vet tried to drain enough fluid to ease his breathing but he could only get a little bit out.

after work I went and stayed with ethan while his mom and dad went to be with marshy as he was put down.

marshmellow was a great cat, and he spent his last years in a wonderful home.

rest in peace were greatly loved...and please keep an eye out for ethan and tell bella not to scratch him!
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what a beautiful cat i remember when he got the lion cut glad he had his forever home with your family.

Bunny Horne

Thank you Lindsey and Cam for taking Marshmellow in and making his final years comfortable. Deepest sympathies.

Brenda Mc

I remember Marshmellow - sweet beautiful cat. I forgot that he went to Lindsey and Cam's home. Thankyou for the lovely write up on him Carol reminding us of how special he was; and my condolences too.


RIPMarshmellow..lots of hearts hurt for your condolences lindsey and cam..Thank you for giving marshy the home he always deserved.


I'm so sorry. :( What a beautiful story - I'm so glad that he had the opportunity to experience real love and a family...