Rescue Journal

we lost shane tonight.

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2013

he had a major stroke. Dr katz met me at the clinic and she helped him to pass peacefully away.
rest in peace shane, you were a very kind and gentle soul.
love you.
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Shane, I love you and will always miss you. Thank you for your love and friendship.

Susan H

Oh no, such sad news. I'm so sorry for your loss of Shane. I am so grateful I got to meet him. Such a sweetheart. He was a very lucky boy to have found you. Dawn I'm so sorry about Trudy too.... :(


So sorry for your loss Carol and SAINTS! Such a lovely, gentle boy.Thanks again for giving him the chance to live out his life the way he should have in the first place!! RIP sweet Shane!! :(


RIP shane, and many grateful hugs to all at SAINTS for taking him in when all others failed him


RIP Shane. So sorry to see you gone. But he was in a happy place at Saints

Lenore Henry

So sorry to hear of the loss of Shane - thanks Carol for giving him a home he deserved.

Lenore Henry

Brenda Mc

Oh no, really sorry to hear this. I know he's been failing lately and I noticed a big difference in him last weekend, but he still was the first to want his canned food at lunch, and did all his usual antics while waiting for it. I will miss him in the house, always under foot.


I remember a great pic Jenn took shortly after Shane arrived.....he was joyously running in the back yard and you could see the smile on his free Shane.....


I remember Shane's story (at least the Saints portion of it) well. My condolences to all who knew and loved him. RIP Shane.


i am glad i spent some time with him on wed. he was one of my favorite dogs. shit i am glad i got to meet him will miss you shane love you and be happy. he used to love going with me on short walks but lately i have had to leave right away . damn i wish i had 1 more walk with him. . big hugs to a great dog. so sorry carol.


Remember at first his name was North? Will definitely miss you Shane. Damn.


Wow, what a shock for you Carol. I don't know many of the dogs at SAINTS personally but he seemed like such a softy. I am sure everyone at SAINTS is going to miss him terribly. Condolences to Dawn for her loss of Trudy and to Lindsey and Cam for their los of Marshmellow.


Oh no! We were just talking about him.
I remember picking him up at the south Vancouver airport. They let me take him out of the kennel and we happily ran out of the airport. It was such a fantastic intro to such a great dog.