Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2013

preacher is not feeling well...puking and diarrhea..oh yay an incontinent cat with the runs...not fun.

jake is a moron...30 solid minutes of beagle sniffing and frantic barking bezerker over something he could smell on 10 square feet of ground. honestly, if ya cannot find whatever it is in 5 minutes of going over and over and over the same little spot jake...chances are good it is LONG GONE!

lance did not need a leash to come home which is good cuz I was dragging jake on the end of the one that I had. lance LOVES to run!!! he is however refusing to come back into the house..he runs into the dog house every time I ask him to come in. whatever, if he wants to hang outside, as long as he stays in the yard...I do not care.

please lance stay in the yard!

crazy horse was in a real hurry to get to the pigs that she wants to one day kill. that 6 pound dog pulls like a pitbull. I should put her in a pulling contest..I bet pound for pound she could win!

orion and Passat are the worlds NICEST CATS! lovely, lovely, lovely creatures...someone will be beyond lucky to adopt them!

the bloodwork is back on wanda and tony...wanda is in end stage renal failure. she is going on a high protein fish diet, hopefully she will feel well for as long as she possibly can. tony is in early renal failure, we will put him on a high protein fish diet too and see if we can keep his kidneys working for a long time too.

not sure what to do with the haggy cat cali. she is still in her cage in her hidey hole and striking out. i would move her into a medical room pen but she would most likely attack us when ever we went in there to clean. it is pretty close quarters to go in next to a pissed off and violent cat. i could move her up to the suite and hope that with lots of space she refrains from making us bleed...but she may still attack us anyway even with more room to move around.

i cannot leave her sitting in a cage forever...but man oh man she is such a nasty thing!

oh well i will just have to figure her out, somehow.

the computer room totally sucks without shane. i really miss you old man.



Thank you for caring for Wanda during her remaining time. She is a special cat and it sucks that she ended up on the street. Give her a scritch for all of us at NW shelter.