Rescue Journal

maggot city

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2013

I am far too traumatized to take on cali today. she will just have to wait.

the dump run was beyond disgusting, it zoomed into big time creep me out.
those freaking bags are crawling inside and out with maggots. I am talking about pulling them out of the bin, picking up them up, tossing them in the van, dragging them out again to toss in the bin at the dump. something like 30 bags all crawling with millions of maggots.

I wanted to die..quickly.

big thx to rick for helping me get them into the van.

the nurses all think it is funny that I who can and will do any nursing task, willing will take on any kind of new challenge...but absolutely refuses to do wound care maggot therapy. I do not give a crap that those maggots are medically grown and sterile..once the little wiggle friends hit the care plan, I go see someone else.

anyway...a couple of things now about garbage and maggot control.
1. please do not put any more bags in the bin until the company dumps it. put all garbage bags this weekend into the wheelbarrow in front of the bin and I will take another load out to the dump tomorrow...hopefully if it does not go into the bin, the next load will be maggot-less.

2. from now on and forever and ever please......please double bag ALL garbage. tie the first bag with a single tight knot and then put that bag inside another bag and tie it up. less broken bags messing things up, harder for flies to get in and lay eggs in the garbage.

3. only put garbage bags in the bin..old beds, linens, carriers, pieces of wood or wire, feed bags, non recycle dog food bags, cat posts or whatever can be put in a neat pile inside the shop big doors for me to take to the dump when I can...this would all be dry clean stuff that rodents, flies and maggots are not interested in in.
maybe by sorting the garbage a bit better we can not overflow that bin so much.

I had a shower when I got home and I sprayed raid in the van and I NEVER want to have to do dumpster diving dump runs ever, ever again!
a WSI truck better show up first thing Tuesday morning.


shelagh f

so sorry I was busy today and couldn't help you, NOT.
Am coming with food tomorrow, sunday, so if you have
another dump run I will help, or do and cut some


Poor Carol - how utterly gross! I've sometimes had to de-maggot the bin at the Car Sanctuary - I can't imagine having to deal with a whole dumpster of it...