Rescue Journal

not a big fan of animals tonight.

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2013

it is a toss up...which was worse...

maggotyville horror or barn bedtime.

i vote for barn bedtime.

holy shit! that was THE worst bedtime I can remember in a long time.

it started peacefully enough...everyone as usual absolutely freaking starving!
baby almost took me out running full out into the back of my knees to get me to hurry. yeah ok...not nuking you yet, you have way too much food focused energy.
as I was getting the dinners together, I saw raven running around. that's not too unusual, he always starts freaking out when I am getting their food.
but then I saw Gideon trot by at a pretty good clip and hot on his heels and running fast was carl with lance barking at his feet.
WTF! I had to catch lance without freaking him out cuz he obviously could clear fences and I did not want him thinking I was mad and hightailing over one of the perimeter fences.
caught him and gently led him back and locked him in the house.
michelle came and we finished putting everyone to bed. just before we took the pigs their food, I noticed that charlotte was somehow inside wilburs pen. we went to check it out and one of them had pulled the bolt right out of the wall and pushed thru the portable fence.
they were getting along ok and there was no way I could fix it tonight, so we fed them and let them out for a run, and went and got the house dogs.

odie started to be pushy with lance but lance was a good boy and ignored it. then odie decided to play with mystic, june and boomer and mystic got mad at him. he got mad back and a fight was ensuing, lance decided he needed to put odie in his place and the pending fight switched over to between lance and odster.
I yelled at both of them and they thankfully backed off but that run was over with tensions starting to run high. we put back some of the house dogs, including odie and put the pigs away, then went to let the big guys out. we hit the upper field and suddenly I heard a commotion from the pigs pen.
holy frucking shit, they were fighting again. 600 pounds each of double pissed off pigs, is nothing to sneeze at.

we got the dogs out of the area, I grabbed some food and tried to separate them. it did not work. lance in the mean time cleared two fences and rushed into the pig pen to help. that sucked and we did end up freaking him out while trying to get him out. luckily he went and hid in the shavings.
michelle got me a manure fork and I prodded the pigs apart, then charlotte went for the food and we were able to lock her out in the field.

in the end we got them both into their separate houses and locked them in for the night and I hope they do not push on their doors to get out..the locks are not very strong. they were never intended to keep pigs shut in so I am not sure they will hold.

they are both cut up again..not as bad as before, but still bad enough.

we finished off the guys in the mp building and now we are done.

I am boggled by bedtime cuz it totally sucked.

and thx for all of your help would have sucked a whole lot more if I was on my own!!!!!


Bunny Horne

Thank goodness Michelle was there to help you. Brent is on site Monday so if you need locks and latches etc tended to let him know. Also do you know when you want your air conditioners packed up again for the winter?


O.O bloody hell!
Lance must be some kind of dog superhero... or thinks he is, big gunzo. someone get him a fecking silver cape!