Rescue Journal

not one of our better days....

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2013

pokey has reached the end of his 20 year road. the vet will meet me at the clinic tonight at 8:30 to help him to gently pass away.

something happened with roxy today...we are not sure what but somehow she lost that incredible personal power and now she is afraid. on the off chance that one of the dogs stepped on her or hurt her in some unseen way, I have started her on pain meds just in case. but I think we let her take one step too far and whatever happened, stripped her power away. for now we will go back to the in her pen and only out for pee breaks. in case she is somehow injured and sore, we won't pick her up for a few days, just snap on the leash and let her walk out and in on her own steam.
we'll see how she does over the next few days.

brad got out of his pen when no one was here and slashed Gideon underneath. luckily michelle was in her yard and saw it and ran over. KO had just arrived to check on chewy who was a bit off today so they were able to prevent any further damage to any of our guys by putting brad away (huge thx you guys!) I called the vet and rushed home, the vet got here before me and was just finishing up stitching him up. Gideon has 5 stitches along his under rib cage. he was very lucky, it wasn't worse. michelle told me that raven immediately sprang into action distracting brad from Gideon...he circled brad until brad would charge and then he would run away and he kept doing this over and over again. he was obviously protecting his friend. brave boy..hero horse.

I have some real concerns regarding brad and the danger he potentionally presents. I have no doubt that Gideon did nothing at all to antagonise brad, brad is just naturally aggressive to the other animals. he doesn't wait for someone to bug him, he just goes at whoever he can reach. it worries me.
well, I guess I need to be thinking on this..looks like we got a big wake up call today.


Barb H

We fell for Raven when we came to visit Saints this summer. Now I love him even more, what a friend!


Wow, that is scary. What a wonderful horse Raven is to step in and try to save his friend. That is a worry, what's with the pigs and being nasty to others?

janet nicholson

Well,Raven is the hero of the day - hope he gets lots of extra treats for that - he sure is a faithful friend - and poor little Gideon. All this action is enough to give you a heart attack!

Susan h

In so sorry about sweet Pokey. Wow loss after loss it seems

Carol, I'm thinking the same thing you are about Brad. I'm very sad even typing this, but I was half way reading your blog tonight and our thoughts connected. I too am concerned about Brad. Maybe he has something health-wise going on that's kicking his grunpy level up? I understand your concern with him, especially as it relates to the other animals. :'(


I thought the Pokey-mon seemed very frail today. He came for a bit of loving when I was sitting beside Cali's cage. He is such a lovely little cat.

Bunny Horne

Carol, when we left shortly after noon today Brad was in the cow loafing shed sleeping. He had not been put away at that time. We advised remaining staff that Brad was sleeping in the loafing shed. I'm am so very very sorry to hear about Gideon. Even if Brad had gone into his pen on his own it would not have been locked. He was a mr. gumpy-pants today - as were many of the barn guys. I hope Gideon will be okay. Thank goodness AGAIN for Michelle.


Oh no not Pokey :(...I bought him and Desi some special food. Such a sweet little love bug. Raven is a amazing horse.


Aww, poor Pokey. He's a real cuddly one. But I think he has been in a happy place at Saints. Rip sweet pokey