Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2013

ahhh..I drank too much coke last night....caffine high and I could not get to sleep. it was after 0430 again before I was asleep. it totally sucked because my mind was spinning with the animal problems and seeking solutions but since I did not come up with any brain was a waste of time worrying anyway.

I did not mention also that we got in a new cat. she arrived right in the middle of the lance and Elizabeth crises. she is a beautiful dilute torbe cat, unspayed and only 2 and a half years old. her owner was a young, 5 month pregnant woman who was retching the whole time she was here. I asked if she had tried the spca, FVHS, katies place, c.a.r.e.s. because this was a young, pretty and adoptable cat. she said she did and no one would take the cat. I really did not have the time or inclination to delve in any further or even want to try to problem solve a solution for her. the cat was unspayed and the woman was desperately trying to unload her so I just took her. her name is Marfa which maybe due to the retching, reminded me of barfa so I am changing it to Martha and will leave it at that.
she seems like a very nice cat.

oh. mo is here to take riley and capone for their run. the house has erupted into a howling fest. that ought to wake up my poor still sleeping sister pretty damn fast...I guess I better get dressed.



not great...really sore, quite upset. did not eat this morning but did eat a little bit tonight.


not so simple..i really don't have any cat space available right now, we have taken in 10 new cats in the past month and many of them are still in our holding pens, no new admission space available right now. we had to do some shifting just to fit in Martha yesterday.

and I never send off our problem animals to other is not fair. either we find a way to deal with whatever if a solution can be found or we accept the responsibility that they cannot live safely in this world.
offloading problem dogs has never been an option for me.

Caroline Fine

Simple solution - ask Turtle Gardens, Yvette and Stan to take Lance (no farm animals there) Maybe Saints could take their cat, Cheemo - who cannot live at topley with all their dogs.