Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 10, 2013

lance went over the fences an hour and a half ago. the dogs erupted when they heard a hunting pack of coyotes and before I could grab him or shut the door, he was greased lightening over three fences gone. I walked the road calling to him. then I took the car and started driving the road grid. if the coyote pack didn't kill him and if he as a black dog did not get hit by a car on a black night, maybe I could find him when he came out of the bush if he made it alive to a road.
I was thinking as I drove that lance is making some pretty crappy choices. I wondered if he would choose to try to stay free or if he would try to find his home again once his freedom run was finished.

he chose to come home. after driving around for an hour, i just about ran him over turning back into our pitch black driveway, suddenly he was right in front of me. I opened the door, he jumped in, I drove the 30 feet up the driveway, opened the door and let him out again and he followed me back into the yard.

he is now shut in.

fucking dog....what am I going to do with him???



I have a husky mix (now about 13 yrs old) that has disappeared on me for hours a number of times. He became a tripod (at about 10) after running at a flatbed truck and getting caught under the back end and is now finally starting to slow down to the extent that I don't worry as much about losing him on hikes (he is finally becoming a 'senior'). Many people have told me that huskys are known to be very independent, prey driven and some people won't let them off leash...ever.
How old is Lance?

Brenda Mc

Well, knowing that he will eventually "come home" does not take away the risk or worry about what he might do, or encounter while outside the fences. It's a huge concern Carol. Wish I had an answer.


Well, the good news in all of this is that he came home. Guess he knows where he has it good - some sort of accomplishment for you!?

Ian and Mary

Thank God he had the sense to come home!

Obviously he has bonded with you.