Rescue Journal

50 shades of grey.

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2013

I don't really hate rescue. rescue challenges me.
it would probably be easier to rescue from inside a comfortable box with google at my finger tips. but I am not like that. I am a bit of a rebel that likes doing things my way...usually by trial and error and fire.

it is the 50 shades of rescue grey that move me...stretching my boundries, pushing me forward, refusing to be bogged down by mainstream morality. if I rescued the way others told me I should rescue, saints would never be.
it is by taking risks, stepping outside of the boxes, soaring high and sometimes falling flat that I change the world around me. not in any earth shattering terms, but in terms of my perceptions of possibilities.
I think I would do as poorly on a chain or in a cage as any of the animals in my care.

rescue is full of all kinds of people...and all of us have something about rescue to say. take it all with a grain of salt. we are on a journey, we know where we have personally been but that is about it. we cannot walk inside of everyone's shoes, we cannot see inside everyone's head, we cannot arbitrarily decree how, when, where rescue is done for everyone...rescue for each of us is unique.

and this is how it should be because every single moment in rescue itself is unique. you stop, you go, you bend and twist, you duck and stick out your neck. you laugh and cry, you forge ahead with confidence and sometimes you stumble around, lost in a forest of maybe's and what if's.

rescue is a maze and a tunnel, it is a ladder that reaches right up to the sky. it is a journey that you have to be able to walk, sink, swim, run thru and you can't do it confined in a box.

when you only believe the voices of mass proclamation, when all is defined, accepted and spelled clearly out, when absolute certainty is all that is left here.....that is when you cease to think for yourself.

rescue is 50 shades of grey, filled with so many more questions than answers.

I do not hate rescue, I am humbled by it, I am in awe of the power of it.... especially on a very bad day.




I have so much admiration for you, Carol - that you can deal with all the 50 shades of rescue and work to find a way through each one that is best for the animal concerned. I'm sure it's all too easy to get swallowed up in it. Please take care of yourself, as well as taking care of the animals...