Rescue Journal

as i see it..i have two choices...

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2013

kill lance or upgrade the fences.

everyone who wants me not to kill lance, chip in a hundred bucks please.

just kidding..or, maybe not really.

the problem is we still need to replace both the barn and shop roofs and the gala fundraiser coming up is exclusively for vet bills.

god damn freaking jumping bean you have any idea how much it will cost to upgrade the dog yard fencing just for lil' ole bouncing you???

well i don't but I will hazard a wild guess...6-8 grand. I will let you know tomorrow cuz the fencing guy just left to work out an estimate to upgrade the fencing to 8 feet high..that damn well better keep the freaking dog in.

big would be so much easier...and cheaper...just to kill him.
freaking pain in the ass (and wallet) dog.



I know you don't really like these things but how about trying to raise money via a chip-in thing. Yes, we don't want to tap our donors but I think we need to increase the fencing anyways as he's not the first animal to try and go over the fences.
And did you think the fence estimate was reasonably priced. One of the techs I work with has mentioned a few times that se knows a fencing company that is rescue friendly and always reminds me of it for saints. Can you email me the details and maybe I can get another estimate?


Hmm... I can see how that wouldn't work. Maybe put him on a McDonald's diet, so he can't spring quite so high? Seriously though, I am sorry to hear you're in this situation. Lance and 100-something other creatures (and the thousand or so before them) are so damned lucky that you put their lives first.


I can't zip line or chain him...he would chew off a harnass, slip a collar and could choke himself on a martingale.
I can't kennel him, it would destroy him to be confined in a cage, he has severe separation anxiety and confinement issues. I have to find a solution that allows him some sort of safe freedom with the other dogs so I don't drive him insane. one well fenced yard he can't get out of will do ok for him I think.


I know it's not an ideal solution, but cheaper and easier on the heart than the other two solutions. What about a zip-line sort of thing, one end attaching just outside your door, and one attaching to some other point in the yard. Would that possibly work? I have a fence-jumper too. We raised our fences to 6.5 feet and discovered that apparently he has magical wings that only come out when no one's looking. I hope there's a solution that works for you and for Lance.